A diamond cut with fire and brilliance, the oval cut diamond possesses the same qualities of a round diamond but with a little extra flair. It has a bowtie shape in the center and its elongated shape makes the stone look bigger while making your finger appear longer. Each size can be wider or narrow, giving the wearer options on what size looks best for their finger shape. Our stone sizing chart below shows the standard sizes and matching carat weights for oval-cut diamonds to help you find your perfect fit.



For actual stone sizes and measurements, you can download our Oval Stone Sizing Guide.



Oval Size (mm)

Oval Carat Weight

Oval Size (mm)

Oval Carat Weight

3.6x2.7 mm.

0.10 ct.

9x7 mm.

2.00 ct.

4x3 mm.

0.15 ct.

10x8 mm.

2.50 ct.

4.5x3.5 mm.

0.20 ct.

10.5x8.5 mm.

2.88 ct.

5x3.5 mm.

0.25 ct.

12x8 mm.

3.00 ct.

5.5x3.5 mm.

0.33 ct.

11x9 mm.

3.85 ct.

5x4 mm.

0.35 ct.

12x10 mm.

5.05 ct.

6x4 mm.

0.50 ct.

14x10 mm.

5.81 ct.

6x5 mm.

0.61 ct.

13x11 mm.

6.05 ct.

6.5x4.5 mm.

0.65 ct.

14x12 mm.

8.21 ct.

7x5 mm.

0.75 ct.

15x12 mm.

8.76 ct.

7.7x5.7 mm.

1.00 ct.

16x12 mm.

9.32 ct.

8x6 mm.

1.25 ct.

16x14 mm.

11.88 ct.

9x6 mm.

1.41 ct.

18x13 mm.

12.86 ct.

8.5x6.5 mm.

1.50 ct.

20x15 mm.

14.96 ct.