Kobelli Riri Engagement RingRiri 10x8

Riri 10x8

$2,565 $3,850
Kobelli Cait Bridal SetKobelli Cait Bridal Set

Cait Bridal Set

$2,360 $4,450
7.5ct Elsa RingKobelli Elsa Engagement Ring

7.5ct Elsa Ring

$1,899 $3,150
Kobelli Rayen Engagement RingKobelli Rayen Engagement Ring


$2,450 $3,680
Kobelli Posy Engagement RingKobelli Posy Engagement Ring


$2,335 $3,500
Kobelli Erica Engagement RingKobelli Erica Engagement Ring


$2,415 $3,625
Kobelli Piper Engagement RingPiper 12x8

Piper 12x8

$2,100 $3,145


$1,849 $3,150
Kobelli prides itself on making jewelry with moissanite jewelry. Our rings are crafted with a durable 14 karat solid gold, which is perfect for people who lead active lifestyles and want a quality ring that will remain intact even if it gets caught in their hair while they're running up mountains or playing sports.