One of the most impressive diamond cuts, a radiant-cut diamond has the brilliance of a round diamond in an emerald shape. It produces a tremendous amount of sparkle and fire, brought about by its 70 facets from the pavilion to the crown. Similar traits to oval, emerald, cushion, and oval cuts, radiant diamond stones can be narrow or wide. Our stone sizing chart below shows the standard sizes and matching carat weights for radiant-cut diamonds to help you find your perfect fit.



For actual stone sizes and measurements, you can download our Radiant Stone Sizing Guide.



Radiant Size (mm)

Radiant Carat Weight

Radiant Size (mm)

Radiant Carat Weight

5x3 mm.

0.31 ct.

10x8 mm.

3.50 ct.

4.5x3.5 mm.

0.34 ct.

11x9 mm.

5.05 ct.

6x3 mm.

0.41 ct.

12x9 mm.

6.06 ct.

6x4 mm.

0.50 ct.

11.5x10 mm.

6.45 ct.

6.5x4.5 mm.

0.75 ct.

13x9 mm.

6.54 ct.

7x5 mm.

1.00 ct.

12x10 mm.

6.79 ct.

7.3x5.5 mm.

1.25 ct.

14x10 mm.

8.47 ct.

7.5x5.8 mm.

1.50 ct.

13x11 mm.

9.33 ct.

8x6 mm.

2.00 ct.

13.5x11.5 mm.

10.19 ct.

8.5x6.5 mm.

2.25 ct.

15x11 mm.

11.48 ct.

9x7 mm.

2.50 ct.

14x12 mm.

12.14 ct.

9.5x7.5 mm.

3.00 ct.

16x12 mm.

14.22 ct.

10x7 mm.

3.31 ct.