How To Take Care Of Platinum Jewelry

Cushion Diamond Bridal Set in Platinum

Delicate, strong and remarkably brilliant – the reasons why this precious metal is highly appreciated in the jewelry industry. If you have heard that platinum is one of the rarest metals on the planet – believe it, it's true. In fact, platinum holds the second place in terms of rarity and some experts even gave a visual presentation of this by stating that the total amount of platinum (on a global level) will reach your ankles if standing in an Olympic-sized pool.

The hypoallergenic nature of platinum is another important characteristic that makes it one of the very few “exceptionally desired” metals. But, in the real world we are living in, everything has its price and unfortunately, platinum jewelry is not affordable for everyone.

This emphasizes even more its grandeur, so we would all agree that it is mandatory for the platinum-jewelry owner to know how to take care of it and make it last forever. Coming next are our expert tips that we believe, will come in handy whenever you need them.



Do not let it get in contact with harsh chemicals, such as bleach and abrasives.

Do not perform heavy-work activities with it.

Store it separately from other jewelry.

Love it.

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Unlike silver and white gold, platinum is less sensitive and it can resist discoloring and tarnishing. This makes it much easier for the owner to maintain their platinum jewelry, but still, there are several “details” that need to be put into consideration.


› Platinum blended with another metal

When it comes to the platinum-jewelry purchase, buyers choose between pure platinum and platinum mixed with some other metal. Seen from a rational-economic perspective, the second option is more favored and in this case, it is the complementary metal that determines the cleaning method. For instance, if you have a platinum ring whose composition contains the presence of gold, you will have to clean the ring according to the gold-jewelry cleaning standards.


› Cleaning solutions

The classic at-home cleaning solution for cleaning any jewelry piece made of platinum is made with warm water and mild soap. Soak the piece in this solution for a few minutes and then polish its surface with a soft toothbrush. This method will get back its shine of a brand-new jewel, which is exactly what you are aiming for. You can also add several drops of ammonia to obtain the same effect. In case platinum is mixed with gold, it is recommended to use rubbing alcohol in order to remove the existing grease stains. The final to-do is to clean the piece with a soft cloth and it will be ready for use.


› Professional cleaning services

There is no more secure way to clean your dear platinum adornments than turning to a professional, especially if they are set with delicate stones, like emerald, topaz, tanzanite and opal. Deciding to clean them with a cleaning solution means taking the risk to damage them due to corrosion. So, we friendly advise you to preserve the beauty of you precious platinum jewelry by leaving it in the hands of professionals.




With time, the color of platinum tends to become darker and here, you have 2 possible solutions to solve this problem.


› Rhodium plating

Rhodium is a white metal with extraordinary reflective properties that make it the ideal topcoat for platinum jewelry. When rhodium is added to platinum, platinum becomes shinier and with an enhanced luster. Rhodium plating cannot be performed at home, so you have no other choice than getting this type of service at a professional jeweler.


› Buffing

Platinum is very hard to scratch, but not impossible. To remove the scratches on platinum jewelry and make it look like new, it has to undergo buffing. This procedure can be carried out at a professional jeweler with the use of a special equipment or at home with the use of a buffing cloth and a soft rug. Buffing offers the same effect of polishing by providing the jewelry piece with an extended brilliance that will endure for six to twelve months.

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