Named after the peculiar hexagon of Saturn, our Saturday collection features top of the line hexagon halos over simple non-fussy pavé diamond bands.
Reese Round
Reese L Round
Reese XL Round
Edda L Emerald
Edda XL Emerald
Edda XXL Emerald
Omala Oval
Omala XL Oval

Showcasing boldly opulent center stones with minimal obstructions, the Bare Collection offers eye-catching bridal engagement rings with moissanite centers and a perfectly matching wedding band that captures modern aesthetics with a timeless charm. Lab-grown diamonds line each center prong without a bar or basket linking them. The open design offers optimal brilliance to the center stone.

2.8ct Cushion Center
Rogue Round

3ct Oval

The Compass Collection narrates your next chapter as it unfolds with your one and only.

Each of these solitaires moissanite rings carry an 8-pointed star below the center, symbolic as guiding lights for renewal and happiness.

This simple yet delectable design finishes with a tapering band as it points towards the stone in perfect symmetry. The taper distinguishes the large center as it appears at the narrowest point.

We recommend matching these to slender wedding bands for a layered look.

Emerald Moissanite

Marquise Moissanite

Radiant Moissanite
Oia (ee-ah)

Oval Moissanite

"Great dancers are not great because of their technique,

they are great because of their passion." - Martha Graham


Round Diamond

Oval Sapphire

Pear Moissanite