Know your diamond...

Uncover the qualities of a perfect diamond, its basics,

and grading that help shape your ideal stone.

gemology of diamondS

See a diamond in a whole new way as you learn the basics of a diamond and its parts.

Diamond shapes

Discover stone shapes that greatly influences how jewelries appear.

The 4 c'S of diamonds

Learn the 4 Cs of a diamond - Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat.


Know what is a diamond girdle and the important role it plays.


A diamond glows when exposed in UV light. This is the flourescence.


What is the diamond culet and why is it important when selecting a center stone? Know more in this section.


Diamond certification sets the standard of a high quality diamond. Understand the value of diamond grading today.

polish & Symmetry

Understand how a diamond's polish and symmetry affects its price. Learn what criteriias to look out for in finding your perfect stone.

depth, table, crown & pavilion

Explore ways a diamond table, depth, crown adn pavilion affects the overall quality of a diamond.





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