Diamond Shapes

Diamonds are eternal. Additionally, when they cut it how you want, it becomes immortal! How a diamond is fashioned and how it was created both have an impact on how much it costs. Diamonds were once cut by hand, which required exceptional craftsmanship. Competent diamond cutters today use a machine to shape diamonds into their final shape as technology advances.



Diamonds come in two different shapes: the Classic Round Diamond Shape and the Fancy Diamond Shape (any shape except round brilliant shape). Learn more about each diamond shape and how it fits with our thoughtful jewelry design by reading more below. This will help you and your loved ones put together the ideal ensemble that you and they deserve.




Round Diamond Stone

Timeless and classic, round diamonds offer the highest brilliance reflected by 58 precise facets. Its round shape symbolizes eternity and is the most popular and expensive diamond cut that is perfect for engagement and wedding rings.

The one-of-a-kind diamond ring below has a 1.68-carat IGI-certified lab-grown round-cut center stone. With its 36 round side stones, this sophisticated ensemble delivers a total diamond weight of 7/8 carats.

Alexa One-of-a-Kind Halo Diamond Ring


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 Princess Diamond Stone

Princess cut diamonds are an excellent option for anyone seeking something lovely and beautiful because they can be used in practically any ring style. It seems bigger than a round cut diamond of the same size due to its four bevelled sides and larger tables, which produce 70% brightness.


 This limited edition diamond ring featured below boasts a 1-carat princess-cut genuine natural diamond in a diagonal North-South prong setting. It displays class and style that will make you feel like a royalty.

Catherine Diamond Ring (Limited Edition)

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 Asscher Diamond Stone

 An asscher cut diamond, which combines the princess cut and emerald cut, has large step facets that provide exceptional clarity and reflect a lot of sparkle as light flows through its mirror steps. This historical cut has a contemporary vibe and is a throwback to the Art Deco era. 


A 2.2-carat 8mm asscher-cut lab-created moissanite stone below is placed in a micro-prong setting.  An asscher diamond stone can readily draw attention with its geometric facets which makes this rare gemstone cut a classic.

Petite Asscher Bridal Set


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Radiant Diamond Stone

A radiant-cut diamond, one of the most stunning diamond cuts, has the radiance of a round diamond in an emerald form. Its 70 facets, which run from the pavilion to the crown, result in an enormous quantity of brilliance and fire. Radiant diamond stones can be either narrow or wide, sharing characteristics with the oval, emerald, cushion, and oval shapes.


Here is an example of two 7x5 mm radiant-cut stones that weigh a combined 2.40 carats utilized as the focal points of dangling pendants in a pair of beautifully-crafted earrings to create a brilliant and vintage aesthetic.



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Emerald Diamond Stone

An emerald cut diamond, one of the timeless classics, has great clarity because the parallel step cuts show more color. It has a delicate appearance due to its beveled edges and mirror facets. The emerald diamond stone shape produces an elegant engagement or wedding ring with a vintage feel.


Set in a traditional floating basket, below is a pink diamond one-of-a-kind ring that has a stunning 3.23-carat lab-grown diamond emerald-cut center stone. The remarkable visibility of the linear facets creates a fashionable engagement ring design.

3.23CT.TW Pink Diamond Ring (IGI)


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 Cushion Diamond Stone

The third most popular diamond cut, cushion-cut diamonds are thought to have higher fire and far more variance attributed to its 68 facets. This diamond cut, often known as the "pillow" or "candlelight" shape, is a vintage twist on the round cut with rounded corners and a softer radiance.


Cushion cuts are also popular in other gemstones. Like the green tourmaline elongated cushion-cut gemstone below measuring 12.8 x 8 mm designed as a pendant necklace. It enhances the overall size of the center stone desired by many. 


Green Tourmaline Royal Scallop Pendant with Lab-Grown Diamonds


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Marquise Diamond Stone

With pointed tips and rounded center, marquise-cut diamonds showcase brilliance and aesthetics. Marquise diamonds are fairly trendy and look sophisticated in an engagement ring. Like oval, emerald, radiant, cushion, and pear shapes, marquise cut stones come in narrow and wide sizes. It has an elongated shape that can make the wearer’s finger appear longer and slender.


 The bridal set below carries a 1.8-carat marquise-cut moissanite diamond center stone delivering breathtaking elegance and grandeur.


Magnolia Marquise-Cut Bridal Set


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Oval Diamond Stone 

The oval-cut diamond has the same characteristics as a round diamond but with a little more flair. It is a diamond cut with fire and sparkle. It has a bowtie shape in the center and its elongated shape makes the stone look bigger while making your finger appear longer. Each size can be wider or narrow, giving the wearer options on what size looks best for their finger shape.


Like how it is set as a pendant on a solitaire necklace below, oval-shaped diamonds make a perfect solitary accent.

East-West Oval Solitaire Necklace


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Pear Diamond Stone

A combination of round and marquise cut, pear-shaped diamonds are eye-catching with 58 facets that make the stone brilliant and sparkly. Also known as teardrop cut, pear cut diamonds can be narrow or wide. Narrow-cut pear diamonds are elongated, making the fingers look slimmer and longer. 


Pear-cut diamonds make a sophisticated piece of jewelry. Our GIA-certified diamond ring below hosts a 2-carat pear-cut center stone radiating beauty and elegance.

The Pear Hidden Halo Diamond Ring (GIA Certified)



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Heart Diamond Stone


 A heart-shaped diamond is unique and produces a lot of sparkle like a round-cut diamond. It can be difficult to cut, but when done well,  its french-tip pointed end augments the brilliance and shine created by its 58 facets. It is a popular cut for engagement rings and even pendants.


A heart-shaped diamond stone can undoubtedly make a necklace stand out, as in the case of this exquisitely made necklace with a 1-carat heart-cut moissanite stone in a pave setting.

 Heart Shape Moissanite and Diamond Necklace


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