Necklace Sizing Guide

Size Description


The Collar

Wraps tightly around the neck, collar necklaces are mostly referred to as the snug fit size. It is placed firmly in the middle of the neck without moving.

Recommendation: Looks fashionable with off-shoulder outfits, and open-necked ensembles such as scoop necks, v-necks, boat necks, and even turtle necks. 


The Choker

A 14”-15” necklace is a collar or choker length for most adults. The perfect size for a choker should have room to fit a finger inside the necklace's circumference. If you have a long, slender neck, this size is spot on. For petite women, this necklace size may look like a 16” necklace. We suggest you measure your neck and see if this length fits you.  You may opt for a slim choker with a simple design to elongate your neck.

Recommendation: Best worn with tube tops, low-cut romantic dresses, and crew neck shirts. Pair up with other necklace sizes to create a layered look.

A 16” necklace size, on the other hand, hangs at the base of the neck and just above the clavicle for an average woman. This is one of the most common necklace sizes and will also do well with petite frames. Small pendants will make this necklace size look very classy.

Recommendation:  Can go with a scoop neckline, v-neck, boat, strapless, square, off shoulder, and asymmetric necklines.


The Princess

Often referred to as princess necklace types, 17”- 18” necklaces ought to be the standard length. If you are getting a necklace for someone but don’t know their size, you can’t go wrong with an 18” necklace length. This is the most common necklace chain length for women regardless of the body frame and can be worn day to day.

Recommendation: Suits any night-to-day outfits. Wear with higher necklines.


The Matinee

Compared to princess necklace size, this necklace sizing falls a few inches down the collarbone and just about the bust. Neckpieces in this size range are often made with beads or stones and worn in combination with other necklaces for layering.

Recommendation: Best worn with plunging dresses, casual and business attires.


The Opera

A 28”-36” necklace size is an opera type of necklace sizing that falls just under the bust for an average woman. It can come as a chain-type necklace and can be wrapped around the neck twice. It is minimalist, simple, and versatile at the same time.

Recommendation: It can be paired with formal attires such as dainty dresses or any daily wear. Perfect match for high necklines and turtlenecks.


The Rope

The longest necklace size and the length that offers the highest versatility, rope necklaces can be worn in many ways, with or without layering, and with or without a pendant.

Recommendation: Select rope necklace length for high necklines, boat necklines, and turtlenecks.