How to Buy Your Engagement Ring With A Realistic Budget

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If you're thinking of popping the question, you will first want to consider what kind of budget you have in order to buy the perfect engagement ring without going broke before beginning to plan for the wedding, not to mention the honeymoon!

You want to make sure you buy one they will like, but you also don't want to spend a whole month's check on the ring. Finding a good balance may take a little time, but with the right mindset and a little planning, you can surely find something!

Your Fiancée

Your choice in engagement rings will show your love for your partner and your investment in a life shared with them. You will want to try your best to get them a ring that reflects their expectations. Of course, your fiancee will probably be happy to just get a ring, but they will most likely be more surprised if you get them the ring of their dreams.

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You will get a little extra appreciation for the effort you put in to make sure that it reflects the person of their dreams. Therefore, you will want to try your best to figure out what it is that they want in a ring. Maybe you can ask them upfront or snoop around on their Pinterest Wedding board that they made when they were 16.

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Your Finances

Besides buying the ring, you want to make sure that you have a realistic budget in mind. Don't forget that buying an engagement ring means that you’ll (hopefully) be having a whole wedding coming up, too. That's all going to add up. There is no right or wrong answer, here - it all depends on what the two of you are looking for.

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You will need to look at your savings and see what you can do. Consider what is most realistic for you and go with that. You don't want to go into debt over an engagement ring; that just isn't smart. You also don't want to buy the ring up front in hopes of paying it off later, since the future isn't in stone. Don't play a guessing game to go and put a bunch of money on a ring.

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Ways You Can Save Money On A Ring

There are ways that you can get a good-looking ring for a smaller price. Diamonds are priced by grade, size, and carats. You can lower a grade without it having any noticeable defects, but still get a beautiful diamond without having to pay the full price. You can also give off the illusion of a bigger diamond with a halo arrangement or a smaller band.

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There are multiple ways you can trick the eye into thinking that the diamond is bigger than it is. Another way you can save money is by taking your partner shopping with you. Although there is no element of surprise, at least you will know that they will be happy with the ring, since they will be picking it. You will also be able to discuss the budget together. This will make it so that everyone is on the same page and money won't be as much of an issue.

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