Holiday Gift Guide for Her

Know what makes her weak in the knees? Jewelry! Choosing the best jewelry for her can be tedious but does not mean impossible.

There are different ways to get to know a person but finding the perfect jewelry for her is the best way to get to know her more. If you think you already know her inside out, you can get her the jewelry that can catch her attention. But if there is still a mystery, we can help you find the best ring, pair of earrings, necklace, or bracelet that is worth her precious smile.

Size is Important

The right fit matters. It saves you time with returns, adjustments, and an epic-fail gift. If you still have no idea what her size is, make sure to check out our sizing guides below. 

Ring Size Guide

Bracelet Sizing Guide

Bangles Sizing Guide

Necklace Sizing Guide

If you plan to give her an engagement ring and she is already aware of it but still not sure about her size, you can check out how to measure her finger at home. If you plan to give her a ring and she is completely clueless about your surprise, you can get sneaky with these few tips on how to get her size without her knowing. 

Although jewelry comes in common sizes, it's best to get the proper size so it won't be either too loose or too tight.

Diamonds or Other Gemstones

Being extremely attentive is essential to finding the ideal piece of jewelry for her.  Does she fix her eyes on diamonds or other colored gemstones like rubies, alexandrite, opal, or others? 

Depending on her personality and traits, she can be either this or that. Kobelli has the finest collections of diamond and other gemstone rings. Or, she can have a mix of both worlds. An oval gemstone placed within a diamond halo on a solid gold ring can be an irresistible gift to offer. You may check out our gemstone collection and natural diamonds for inspiration. 

Gold or Silver 

It often is a question that initially enters your head. Is she a silver or gold girl? What appeals to her the most depends on her personality. Some people prefer wearing silver even if gold is unquestionably more expensive. Gold, however, might elevate the sophistication of the majority of jewelry. Who is she, exactly? This might give you away. Observe her existing jewelry and bag hardware, if they have a gold tone, then she is gold!

At Kobelli, we offer our jewelry items in three gold colors – white gold, yellow gold and rose gold. 

Intricate or Minimalist

What makes her heart skip a beat when you pass by a jewelry shop? Does she get all excited with the likes of a mixy diagonal minimalist ring or a floral statement ring with intricate milgrain edges? 

If she likes to keep things simple, a solitaire necklace with a 3-prong stud earring and a tennis bracelet is your best bet.

If she likes more detail, a diamond in yellow gold ring paired with bubble huggies earrings matched with a flexible half-eternity diamond bracelet can bring an outfit to the next level. 

Need More Help?

We, at Kobelli, are always excited to make one’s dream come true. From promise rings, engagement rings, bridal sets, and fashion rings, to one-of-a-kind pieces, we have an extensive collection for you to choose from. You can even create your own ring with our interactive Ring Creator. Just create your own design and we will make it for you!

We also have a few knockout jewelry collections starting from bestsellers and new arrivals to help you decide what to give your loved one. If you are already behind schedule and running out of time, be sure to check out our ready-to-ship pieces to get your gifts in time for the holidays.

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