A Basic Guide to Ring Resizing (What to Know)

Whether it’s an engagement ring, an heirloom, or a gift, getting ring sizing right can always be a challenge, especially when you’re not going to be the one wearing the ornament. Most may call it a dilemma that has lasted since the existence of rings and crafting but trying to guess a ring size that isn’t yours can be a problem no matter how experienced you are. There isn’t an exact way of finding out the right measurements with smart guesses and formulas, which makes the whole process even harder.


Fortunately, if you know your recipient well enough, then you can probably expect that you’ll either get the sizing right or come close enough. The closer you get to the exact ring size, the easier it will be to adjust the piece of jewelry where it fits nice and snug, yet not too constricted.


Here’s what you need to know:

The importance of rings and why to have them resized when possible

Rings make up one category of jewelry enjoyed by millions of couples or tight-knit groups to symbolize an unwavering promise. If you’ve come across this article after trying to search for answers, the chances are that you respect the symbolism of a ring and what it represents. Don’t worry — no matter how old they can be, rings will always have a master maker (just like any other piece of jewelry) who can correctly resize it without having to sacrifice any material quality and durability.


Most accredited jewelers and diamond dealers online usually include free ring resizing upon purchase. This is something incredibly important when you take the regular occurrence of purchasing the wrong ring size into consideration. That’s right — there are millions of other people just like you who have gotten the wrong size but still want to keep the adornment for obvious reasons. This isn’t something to be ashamed of at all! 


Whether it’s a little tight or just a bit too snug, having your ring resized is the way to go. This allows you to keep an important memento of a milestone or promise in your life that you’ll want to keep and show to the whole world.

Getting to know the whole resizing process

Curious as to how the entire resizing process is done with minimal error? We’ve prepared a brief guide for you to understand how it all typically goes:


If the ring’s too large: Jewelers will opt to shave or cut off a minuscule part of the shank to shorten the diameter and then solder the ends of the precisely-cut ring to have the right fit as soon as it’s put back on. 



After soldering, a master jeweler will then refinish, polish, and clean the seams thoroughly so that it won’t look like it went through a resizing process at all. Despite that, you’ll know it with the much better fit coming into play.


If the ring’s too small: Don’t worry — just like there’s overestimation in the jewelry world, there’s an underestimation as well. In fact, it’s much more common compared to oversized rings. 

To fix a small ring, jewelers will have to cut up the ring and place a piece of metal into the shank to help add more length in the band (which can cause your fingers to suffocate if carelessness comes into play). Some jewelers often opt to stretch the rings instead. However, this measure may cause distortions and warps in the ring’s overall look and feel. This is why it’s best for you to go for the cut-and-place type of method instead.

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