3 Questions to Ask Yourself When Buying an Engagement Ring

An engagement ring is a lot more than just a pretty stone on a bit of metal. For you and your partner, it is a symbol of the love you share and the commitment you have towards one another. It is for this reason that people choose rings made of durable and beautiful materials. They represent a long-lasting, radiant love. The bright shine and permanence will linger on your spouse’s left hand for the rest of their lives. Thus, purchasing an engagement ring is a serious matter that you should think over carefully.

Asking the right questions will help guide you to the right engagement ring. These questions serve to narrow down your options so that you can select one that will represent the love that you have for your special someone.

Whether you’re going to shop for the ring alone to surprise your special someone or together to choose one that you’ll both love, these three questions will help relieve the stress and enhance the fun and excitement on your trip to the jewelry store:

1) Does the jewelry store engrave special text on your ring?

While most couples like the idea of having their names, mottos, engagement dates, or other meaningful things engraved for them on their rings, not all jewelers can do that. A ring’s surface is small and fragile. A jeweler must have the technology and sophisticated skills to pull off the feat successfully. If you consider a special text engravement a must, it’s important to ask any prospective jewelry stores whether they offer such services.

2) Does the jewelry store allow return and exchange of rings?

This is an essential question you should ask your jeweler, especially if you are uncertain of the preferences of your partner. Who knows what may come up that will make you want to return or exchange the ring? It’s best to ask the jewelry store about their return and exchange policy in an earlier time. The reason is financially practical: rings are expensive, and a store with a return and exchange policy offers you a safety net in case you make the wrong choice. If the store doesn’t allow returns or exchanges, then you are compelled to make more careful assessments of your partner’s preferences or consider having them shop for the ring with you.

3) Does the ring have a warranty?

While a broken engagement holds sentimental value, it is still a material object prone to wear, tear, or accidental damage just as your car, appliances, and furniture are. If you wouldn’t buy an appliance without a warranty, why would you buy a ring that doesn’t have a guarantee?  Rings can be pricey, so knowing that you can have one repaired or replaced for free is a bonus you can’t simply shrug off. Ask the jewelry store if they offer warranties on the rings they provide.

// Why ask?

Asking these three basic questions can be the start of your checklist of things to ask when going to the jewelry store. Do this, and you go the extra mile for your special someone to get what they want right the first time around. After all, it’s not merely the ring itself which you value but your relationship.

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