A combination of round and marquise cut, pear-shaped diamonds are eye-catching with 58 facets that make the stone brilliant and sparkly. Also known as teardrop cut, pear cut diamonds can be narrow or wide. Narrow-cut pear diamonds are elongated, making the fingers look slimmer and longer. Below is a selection of pear sizes and shapes with measurements to help you visualize your preferred cut.



For actual stone sizes and measurements, you can download our Pear Stone Sizing Guide.


Pear Size (mm)

Pear Carat Weight

Pear Size (mm)

Pear Carat Weight

3x2 mm.

0.13 ct.

12x7 mm.

3.12 ct.

4x2.5 mm.

0.18 ct.

13x8 mm.

3.40 ct.

4x3 mm.

0.21 ct.

12x9 mm.

3.44 ct.

5x3 mm.

0.25 ct.

14x8 mm.

4.00 ct.

5x4 mm.

0.35 ct.

13x9 mm.

4.11 ct.

6x4 mm.

0.50 ct.

14x9 mm.

4.25 ct.

6.5x4.5 mm.

0.60 ct.

15x9 mm.

5.06 ct.

7x5 mm.

0.75 ct.

14x10 mm.

5.41 ct.

7.5x5.5 mm.

0.85 ct.

13x11 mm.

5.65 ct.

7.7x5.7 mm.

1.00 ct.

15x10 mm.

5.75 ct.

8x6 mm.

1.25 ct.

16x9 mm.

5.86 ct.

8.5x6.5 mm.

1.50 ct.

16x10 mm.

6.27 ct.

10x6 mm.

1.71 ct.

17x10 mm.

6.46 ct.

8.7x6.7 mm.

1.80 ct.

15x11 mm.

7.36 ct.

9x7 mm.

2.00 ct.

18x11 mm.

8.14 ct.

10x8 mm.

2.50 ct.

16x12 mm.

8.99 ct.

11x7.50 mm.

2.61 ct.

18x12 mm.

9.35 ct.

11x8 mm.

2.70 ct.

18x13 mm.

10.21 ct.

12x8 mm.

3.00 ct.