Signs that a Marriage Proposal is on the Way

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Let's be honest - the age of your relationship doesn’t guarantee a marriage. Some people get married after a mere three months of dating, while others don’t even address the question after ten years together.

Nevertheless, there are some ways to guess whether your partner will be popping the question anytime soon. Although these things do not confirm a proposal, they do indicate that there is a high chance for it to happen.

Keep in mind that the listed signs are common behaviors from observation. Do not entirely rely on them. Without further ado, let’s take a look at a few signs that a marriage proposal is on its way:


Your favorite ring is missing

If you can’t find your favorite ring, perhaps your guy took it to check your ring size. To double-check, look if the ring he took was one that you wear on your ring finger. Do not ask him about the missing ring. He will eventually put it back in place and pretend as if nothing has happened.


Your man is saving money like crazy

One of the reasons why men wait to propose is because they need to save some cash. Most men will not ask you to marry them if they lack money. If you notice that he has stopped going out with friends or brings a packed lunch instead of buying at a local cafe, perhaps he is saving to pop the question. That being said, don’t get too excited just yet. Guys are unpredictable. He might just be saving to buy a new home stereo. You should check before dreaming about a marriage proposal.


Your family members stop asking you about marriage

If your family has suddenly stopped bugging you about getting married, perhaps he already told them about the plan. There is no way that your mom will stop asking for no reason. Try to inspect your family’s behavior and think about whether your boyfriend has already asked for their blessings.


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Your boyfriend plans a romantic trip out of the blue

This depends on your boyfriend’s personality. If he is the sentimental type, you can expect a proposal while you two are on vacation. It is unusual enough for him to take you on a trip out of the blue. It is best not to reject him when he asks you to change plans for the trip. Follow his lead and play dumb.


Your guy becomes interested in weddings

Most guys do not typically dream about weddings and what tux they are going to wear when they marry their dream woman. If you notice that he has been talking more about weddings, perhaps there’s a reason why. Whether he asks a question or simply offers a comment, try to encourage the conversation to continue so that you can know where he’s going next. It is not that difficult to read men’s minds when they talk. If he starts to ask about your dream wedding or ring style, you can await an upcoming proposal!


Your man encourages you to try on jewelry

Perhaps he has been urging you to look at jewelry more than usual when you go shopping at the mall. Maybe he has even asked you to try on different rings, paying close attention to your reaction. Guys are straightforward and easy to read. This is his way of choosing the perfect ring to surprise you with when he gets down on one knee to ask you to marry him.


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