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These Are The Most Talked-About Proposal Trends For 2019

Sunset Marriage Proposal

Trends come and go, some of them stay longer, others disappear as quick as lighting. However, the one thing that cannot be denied is that there is a tendency to be more original, even extravagant (if needed), when it comes to popping the question. Since the spring wedding season is almost upon us, we present you the proposal trends that are rumored “seriously hot” this year.


Destination proposals are supposed to create unforgettable moments for heartwarming love stories. For this sole purpose, you will need to pick a place where you can both experience supreme feelings of privacy, like the depths of the mighty ocean. No, it is not a joke, it is the latest trend for this proposal season. If still not convinced, go and check the candid media of Atlantis Submarines.

Underwater Proposal

photo credit: YouTube

Atlantis XIV
, the world’s largest tourist submarine, has recently become a top-visited wedding plan destination by couples who want not to only explore the Waikiki Hawaii, but also tie the knot surrounded by the lavish marine life. Special occasions of this kind are organized upon request, where a highly-trained team will take care of every single detail to bring out the perfect underwater proposal scenario. There will be a professional diver holding the ever-classic “Will You Marry Me?” sign and a butler to make sure that the spouses’ glasses are ready to celebrate their updated relationship status.


Truth be told, there are not many proposal alternatives that offer a genuine noble feeling that will last ‘till the end. One such is the proposal that happens on the race course of Keeneland - a vast horse racing and sales complex located in Lexington, Kentucky. This is also the place where the most regal weddings in North America happen, often described as “world-class”.

Keeneland Race Course

photo credit: VisitLEX

Therefore, it is not a surprise why Keeneland is included into the list of biggest proposal trends for 2019, because the one that proposes where the most celebrated racehorse The American Pharoah stepped on, feels like a true champion. The award is, of course, the positive answer of their significant other and their heart going pitter-patter from utmost excitement, delight and happiness. Those who are interested in this marriage-proposal idea, should make a request at the Keeneland Team to be approved a reservation of the race track if they do not want it to be open to the public, which is usually not.


It is not wrong if a couple wants to stay traditional when it comes to popping the big question, because, after all - classic is classic. But, this does not mean they cannot try something different to make their traditional proposal authentic and memorable. This is basically the ideology of those who dream to propose or get proposed on a private dinner in plain charm and resplendence. Thanks to them and their ultimate desire, France has become one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the world and guess what? The interest for visiting this country is yet to grow!

Romantic Proposals on a Hotel Terrasse in Paris

photo credit: Kayak

The capital and home of the Eiffel Tower, offers a one-of-kind magic, as well as the opportunity to experience luxury in the most magnanimous way. How? With the abundance of fine restaurants and five-star hotel & spa resorts, many of them situated in awe-inspiring locations that the human mind cannot imagine. Currently, one of the most sophisticated proposal trends “while in Paris”, is a dinner date in a garden, at a romantically-set table where the couple enjoys in a tantalizingly delicious culinary mastery, which usually includes the best wine and cheese that the country offers.

The moment of serenity that the two love birds share is usually accompanied by the muffling noise of fountains that happen to be a signature mark of the city’s look. It is the ideal setting to get engaged and come back home with a ring and save the date cards of an impressive romantic getaway.




Many are the reasons and occasions in a love relationship that deserve to be celebrated with a fancy bottle and a memorable toast. However, nothing seems more legendary than honoring an engagement with a 1720 H. M. Borges - Madeira Wine. Now that the wine selection is officially made, the next thing to be done is to find the best setting when its delicious marvel can be tasted with refinement and pleasure. The first place that comes to mind is The Jefferson, an award-winning luxury hotel in Washington, DC.

The Jefferson Hotel Presidential Suite

photo credit: Travel + Leisure

Expected to win the gold medal in this year’s competition of most popular proposal trends, The Jefferson is definitely a place that is up to the challenge for those who want to personally experience the true meaning of luxury. If still wondering why the 1720 H. M. Borges - Madeira Wine is given as an option, the reason is quite simple – this authentic wine edition was used to celebrate the U.S. Declaration of Independence and it can be found exactly in The Jefferson’s wine assortment reserved for its guests only. The rooms of the hotel are decorated with an amazing historic artwork, including the gorgeous balconies that offer a splendid view straight at National Mall.


Let’s switch to “excitement” mode and present you one of the most adventurous proposal trends that we will be seeing quite a lot this year. We are talking about the kind of proposal that happens on the beach, but not in a classic “getting-on-one-knee” way. It is like a game, actually, which is why it is metaphorically called “The Treasure Hunt” proposal. The rules are quite simple too; one of the lovers hides the ring in the sand and gives directions to their bae to find it without them knowing what the real treasure is.

Treasure Hunt Beach Proposal

photo credit: Jennifer Tunberg Photography

This trend appeared on 
The Treasure Coast in Florida, known worldwide as the place where some of the most eminent shipwrecks took place centuries ago, leaving a considerable amount of gold coins and artifacts put at treasure hunters’ disposal. This is really an exhilarating way to propose and quite easy to realize. However, be aware of the risk of being too noticeable while preparing the surprise for your partner, because a real treasure hunter will certainly not miss the opportunity to update their collection with an engagement ring that costs a few thousand bucks. That is why this type of proposal is best to be organized with a friend who will guard the precious rock until the couple arrives on the “crime scene”.


As the name speaks for itself, the couple who opts for a proposal of this kind has little to no budget limits. Again, the destination with probably the highest rank on the list of 2019 proposal trends, is France. This time, it is not the Parisian beauty that steals the show, but Monaco, one of the gems on the French Riviera, along with Saint-Tropez, Cannes and Nice. The most renowned hotel in Monaco that wins all the credits for hospitality, luxury and accommodation is Hotel Metropole, remarkable for its elaborate “Belle Époque” style and “Carré d’Or” penthouse suites decorated with hundreds of candles and rose petals. These suites are the ultimate place where couples are offered the delight to fully enjoy in an over-the-top view at France’s Mediterranean coastline.

Hotel Metropole Monaco

photo credit: Metropole

The guests at Hotel Metropole are spoiled for choice when it comes to food, comfort and pleasure. For instance, one of the one-of-a-kind leisures there is the Spa Metropole by Givenchy, where the couple can relax in the best massage and spa treatments. Shopping addicts can spend hours in the luxury boutiques of Prada, Louis Vuitton, Dior, Chanel, Cartier, Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga and Boucheron, all situated in close proximity to the hotel. In case of boredom, the couple can hire a private jet and spend some time on another destination, then come back to the hotel upon their request. Wondering how much this proposal plan would cost? Well, not much, only around one million bucks!


Every girl has her favorite Disney character that makes a big part of her childhood - it is the one truth a guy needs to know. The second one is that proposing at Disneyland is not childish; instead, it is becoming more and more popular among young and endlessly romantic couples. In fact, it is seen as one of the most attractive and less-expensive proposal trends for 2019, compared to others, like the one we previously talked about. A Disney-themed proposal in the Magic Kingdom is beyond charming, not only for the lovers themselves, but their entire surrounding.

Disney Proposal

photo credit: Brides

Imagine a Cinderella-themed proposal with a gorgeous ring set in a glass slipper and a pumpkin carriage ride for an animated, unforgettable experience. Sounds magical and too good to be true, isn’t it? Well, guess what? Having a fairytale proposal at Disneyland can be your real “I got engaged” moment if you want to marry someone who never forgets their inner child, just like yourself. Don’t forget to hire a photographer or videographer, and share your magical moments on the social media. After announcing the news to your friends and family, of course.


Over-the-top proposals in public are always trendy. They are mostly preferred by young and socially-active individuals who are not ashamed to show off their feelings in front of many people. In the past few years, Flash Mobs have been one of the particularly catching proposal trends across the entire state, including Europe. City parks, shopping malls and plazas are the common places for Flash Mob events, the same applying to “I got the moves like Jagger” marriage proposals.

Flashmob Marriage Proposal

photo credit: Daily Bruin

You do not have to be a professional dancer to propose with a Flash Mob dance, because there are actual experts, such as 
Flash Mob America who can give you a hand in learning the choreography and help you make the most out of your performance. Before jumping into the preps, make sure the place you are planning to surprise your future fiancé does not require a permit for events of this kind.

Which of these proposal trends you will choose to bring a whole lot of red hearts on your Insta feed? Tell us your pick in a comment below. We are expecting you, we really do!

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