5 Alternative Ways to Accessorize an Office Cocktail Attire

beautiful model in classic navy romper promoting an office cocktail party

Less formal than the business dress code, a cocktail outfit can be a bit friskier and more creative. Remember that you can still look professional, but your ensemble should stay prepared for a party-ready spin, which is exactly what this occasion is about. Head below to get inspired by 5 Kobelli ideas for an office cocktail attire that leaves a lasting impression.


1. Go Beyond the Little Black Dress

It is true, black is the most celebrated all-purpose color in the entire spectrum. It is a safe bet for tonal dressings; therefore, the existence of the LBD that has built its reputation of most popular cocktail party outfit. Our suggestion this time is to not limit yourself to the classic LBD look and play with other colors instead. Spring is a season of soft pastels, so why not opt for a baby pink dress that finishes perfectly around the knees? Set it off with a pair of silky white stud earrings and you are ready to rock this party in a “real big, beauty queen style”, as Lana Del Rey would say.


model in vivid yellow spring dress wearing white gold rings

Our fashion rings are designed to add grandeur to even the most casual outfits


2. Keep it Classy with Unique Cuts

Did you know that certain diamond cuts play an important role in creating a one-off look that is anything but boring? Cushion and princess cuts, as well as pear, oval and marquise have transformational powers that should never be underestimated. Another great news is that there is an ocean of ring styles that feature the fancy cut magnificence, so don’t be afraid to embellish your office cocktail attire with one at your preference.  


3. Add Glitter in Decent Amounts

Nothing beats a polished dress when it comes to fancy work affairs like this one. If you already have such a standout piece in your wardrobe, feel free to make it a part of your office cocktail attire. Now, the most important question: How to accessorize a glitter-clad dress without ending up shining like a Christmas tree? The answer is simple, you should either go solitaire or plain metal to achieve a balanced, tasteful look that will show off a big deal of your personality too.


gorgeous Kobelli model wearing statement rings and stud earrings

Halo rings and stud earrings do more with less

4. Spell the Look with the Right Fabrics

Silk and cashmere are considered formal fabrics , but they can also be worn for a more sophisticated approach to a cocktail soirée. You can elevate your look with any of these two types of fabrics that make the perfect mix-and-match with gemstone jewelry. Need an outfit inspiration? No problem! We recommend a silk, bell-sleeve blouse combined with a pencil skirt and a pair of heels of the same color. To leave the crow in awe, pick some massive cocktail ring that tones with your ensemble.


5. Match the Theme of the Party

An office cocktail attire pretty much depends on the theme of the occasion. For instance, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas parties entail a more casual look, which is an opportunity for you to throw in some vivid gemstones, like sapphire, citrine and amethyst.

Some companies, on the other hand, prefer to theme their cocktail parties based on the season or their invitees’ diverse tastes. A  fool-proof method to look great is to pick an attire that matches both the theme and its colors.

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