What Your Favorite Moissanite Engagement Rings Shape Says About You

Finding the Right Shape for Your Moissanite Engagement Ring

Which Ring Shape Works with Your Style, Hands, and Personality

How to Choose the Right Engagement Ring Shape for You

Engagement ring shopping can be exciting and tiresome all at the same time, especially if you have no idea where to begin in your search. At Kobelli, we understand how this happy experience can become exhausting if you are not sure of your which ring will be ideal for yourself or your partner. A lot goes into finding the right ring like which shape works the best with your partner’s hands, personality, and style. To help you further with your ring search, we have created a list of what your favorite moissanite engagement rings shape says about you.


The round cut is a timeless classic that is the most popular type of engagement ring around the world. It has over 56 facets, making its sparkle the most intense and beautiful and it is a timeless classic that will never go out of style. Although these types of cuts are in high demand, it stands out from the crowd and makes a lasting impression when worn. 

Kobelli Rowan Round Engagement Ring



If you like round cuts, then you most likely place a value on traditional values when it comes to love, family and romances. This shape is perfect for those with larger hands, and have a classic style and place a high priority over their loved ones.  


Oval-shaped gems like diamonds are similar to round-shaped ones since it has the same number of facet numbers and has given the classic cuts competition since it became popular. The oval cut has an elongated shape that make the wearer’s hands appear slimmer and it masks clarity and color imperfections just like the round cut does. If you wear an oval shaped ring, you like to set trends and turn heads. You are very sophisticated type that is adventurous and bold. 

ORAH 12X8 


Cushion shapes are often associated with an antique, vintage vibe that gives off old time glamour because of its design and how much the moissanite or diamonds sparkle. Cushion cuts are extremely beautiful due to its softened corners and large facets and continue to garner popularity since it looks like a cross between antique and modern styles.



If you are the type of person who is a romantic and loves the glamour of classic old Hollywood then a cushion is the right shape for you. Cushion cuts are popular in halo rings and looks great on those with larger hands. If you are searching for a vintage-inspired ring then the cushion cut moissanite is the perfect cut for you. 


Princess cut engagement rings are the most well-known shape that practically everyone can name due to its popularity. It can be shaped rectangular or square. If you opt for the rectangular shape then it will make your fingers look more slender while the square gives off a more classic vibe



The princess cut has over 50 facets which makes this engagement ring sparkle the most and looks great in solitaire rings if you are looking for a more royal vibe. A princess cut is also great for those who want a more modern look that stands out when worn. 


Radiant cuts can be square or rectangled shaped with cropped corners. The radiant cut engagement rings are also the most durable diamond that will not get chipped or snagged easily. They are perfect for those who want to feel safer about wearing the ring every day due to its durability while maintaining a sleek, clean look. 


The best part of having a radiant cut engagement ring is the high number of facets this diamond or moissanite gemstone has which makes the ring sparkle immensely more than others. Radiant cuts are perfect for those who tend to be more outgoing, social and love to stand out. 


Pear shaped rings are one of the most unique and rarest shapes of all the engagement rings since it can have different styling options. It can be round at the bottom and pointed at the top, bottom or side, depending on your preference. It also can have a horizontally oriented pear cut diamond that fashion lovers will love to show off on their finger. This type of ring is perfect for those who are creative, have extravagant taste, like to stand out and are different. 



Emerald cut engagement rings are perfect for those who have long, slender fingers since the shape makes the diamond look bigger which helps accentuate the fingers. This type of ring is perfect for those who have a modern chic style and is on the artistic side. The emerald has a subtle elegance that typically are worn by those who have an elegant aura and are well organized and do not need to stand out. 




The asscher shaped gemstone such as a diamond is another square shaped ring that has softened corners. It has 74 facets while the classic asscher has 58 facets and is a perfect square. This diamond is also the only diamond to be considered octagonal. 



If you like this type of ring then you are the type of person who knows your own worth, love vintage styles and making a statement. You are the type of person who has nothing to hide, has a great imagination and will always be there for your friends and family. 


Are you searching for the ideal ring for you but don’t know where to start? Look no further! At Kobelli, we have a wide variety of rings to help you make your special day even more special. Browse our selection and see which ring is for you or your partner. If you need further help, then feel free to set up an appointment with us today!

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