5 Incredible Reasons Why Couples Should Get a Promise Ring

Why a Promise Ring is the Right Purchase for You

Romantic Reasons on Why You Should Purchase a Promise Ring

Special Reasons to Purchase a Promise Ring

Your promise ring can symbolize many things to you and your partner. It can symbolize the never-ending love you will have with your partner, or the trust and friendship between the two of you or a promise of a future marriage. Whatever the reason behind your ring is, at Kobelli we have you covered. We will help you find the perfect ring unique to your relationship. 

A token of Love

When you are in love, you want to tell the entire world how happy you are in your relationship. One way to express your love and devotion for your partner without jumping into an engagement is to give them a promise ring. A promise ring offers a way for you to express the promise of love you have made with your partner and level up from dating to becoming more serious in your relationship, too. 

Promise Ring


Lifetime Commitment

If you and your partner are not ready to tie the knot, a promise ring is a great way to show your commitment for each other without taking that next big step. Promise rings can symbolize your faith and commitment with your partner who is not financially able to have a wedding or are not ready for marriage just yet. Although you may not be ready for a marriage, a promise ring represents your commitment to your partner and it is a symbol of your future together. 

Keeping a Promise

Just like the name suggests, promise rings are given to keep a promise between the giver and the recipient of the ring. Your promise ring can mean anything unlike an engagement ring which represents only one symbolic purpose. A promise ring can mean a token of love, a promise amongst best friends, a pre-engagement ring, a non-marriage commitment and so on. Although all these reasons may be different, they all are connected with one another because they all require a promise amongst the wearer of the ring and the giver of the ring.

Promise Ring

In a relationship, you are making a promise to your partner that you will love them and never betray their trust. When you give a promise ring to your significant other, it symbolizes your commitment and promise to your partner. 


Being in a relationship with someone and wanting to spend the rest of your life with them is a serious commitment. For some, they want to spend some time before making a big commitment and investment before getting down on one knee and proposing. If you are emotionally ready for your relationship to become more serious, but are not ready financially to get married then a promise ring is the next best step for you and your partner. 

A promise ring can be used as a pre-engagement ring since they can signify the promise you make for the future. It also can express how serious you are for your partner by offering a promise ring to your significant other, you are expressing how serious you are about the relationship and giving the both of you time to be ready for marriage. Once you do get married, you can still keep your promise ring and convert it to a necklace as a keepsake. 

Non-Marriage Commitment

Marriage isn’t always for everyone. Some cannot afford an extravagant wedding so they save up before tying the knot while others do not believe in marriage. If you and your partner do not believe in marriage then opting for a promise ring to express your commitment for one another is a great alternative to an engagement ring. 

There are many reasons why marriage isn’t right for some people. You might think it’s outdated, and does not fit into your own beliefs. Whatever your reasoning for opting to have a non-marriage commitment, a promise ring is a great compromise to display the commitment you have with your partner and save you on all the paperwork and money for a wedding. 

Renewing Love

A great way to renew your commitment in a relationship is to offer a beautiful promise ring that expresses your feelings and faith in your relationship. Renewing your love with a promise ring is the same as those who choose to renew their love by remarrying each other after decades of being together. Your promise ring is a celebration of the love you have for your partner and the promise you have to stay faithful to each other. 

Promise Ring


Long Distance Relationships

Sometimes in life, you will have the opportunity to move to another city, state or country due to work, school or other reasons. However, if you are in a relationship then that means making the tough decision to leave on your own if your partner is unable to leave for a period of time. By offering a promise ring to your partner, you and your partner are making a promise to be faithful and committed to one another while you two are apart. 


Wearing a promise ring can be a way for you to show faith in your partner and your relationship that no matter what happens, you will be together. The future isn’t set in stone, but it doesn’t mean that it can prevent you and your partner from making a promise to honor your relationship no matter what happens. A promise ring isn’t a meaningless gesture either, it can be seen as a placeholder until you and your partner are ready to become engaged.

If you want to purchase a promise ring that suits your love story, then look no further! Browse our selection of promise rings to find your perfect match today!

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