7 Engagement Ring Settings for the Alternative Bride

Alternative rings for brides who want to stand out

Opting for non-traditional rings that are unique

Before you propose to your potential spouse, you have to first find the ideal engagement ring for them. You will need to do your homework and find out whether your partner likes a specific cut of a diamond such as a round cut, princess cut, cushion cut and so forth. However, that is not all the research you will be attempting to find out before you ask your partner to marry you. You will have to consider the type of setting that works for your partner, too. 

You may have thought it would be easier than it looks like in the movies to find the right ring, but searching for your perfect ring for the love of your life is far from easy. It might even be easier to propose than finding the right cut and setting for your partner. Although it might be tough to choose from one setting to another for your partner, we have made things easier for you to help your engagement ring shopping easier. Here are 7 engagement ring settings for alternative bride sets. 

Solitaire Ring


Solitaire Engagement Ring


If you want a ring that works for any kind of look, that is minimalist and traditional at the same time then the solitaire ring is the perfect ring to purchase. A solitaire ring offers the wearer a classic style that will never go out of style. The solitaire ring is popular because of how the prong engagement ring setting makes your stone the star of the show. For those who want an alternative set in a solitaire engagement setting, the diamond can be replaced witha colored gemstone to make the ring stand out even more. 

At Kobelli, we offer colored solitaire rings such as the ruby solitaire, blue sapphire ring, moissanite solitaire rings and more. 

Multi-Stone Ring

Engagement rings already make a statement, but if you really want to make your engagement ring stand out and sparkle then a multi-stone ring is for you. The multi-stone ring features 2 or 3 stones in one setting and can have a more traditional look by using diamonds or a non-traditional look with colored stones. 

A multi-stone ring stand out because of the multiple stones on the ring and will be noticeably unique because of how the lights hits the stones. When you have multiple stones, it allows more light to hit it and make it sparkle and glisten even more than one stone would have done. Typically, you will see most people with 3 stones since each stone is a representation of the past, present and future which is a great reminder of the love you share with your future bride. If your future bride loves being bold and tends to lean toward being non-traditional then you can have an engagement ring with 2 stones that are different sizes and shapes rather than the traditional 3 stones. 

Multi-Stone Ring


Halo Ring

The halo ring setting is a classic that has an extra romantic vibe to the ring. This type of ring really stands out because of how the small stones surround the main center stone, giving it the traditional and classic style. If you want a more modern style to the ring then you can choose a colored gemstone as the center stone instead of the classic diamond such as a royal blue sapphire stone with a cage of solid gold, rose-gold or silver pillars that hold the stones in place. 

Renee 12x8

If you want a more alternative look for your bride then you can also replace the small surrounding white diamonds with colored stones and add a colored center stone instead of the traditional diamond stone. 

Split-Shank Ring

Choosing an engagement ring that works well with an every day look can be frustrating, but it is not impossible to find the perfect ring for your bride-to-be. If your future bride loves non-traditional looks, then a split-shank ring setting is perfect for your bride. A split-shank ring is perfect for any type of style. You can choose a minimalistic design or one that is full of diamonds, either way this setting will definitely look unique because of how the band splits and frames the stone in the center. 


The setting of a split-shank ring has a negative space along the diamond that shows more skin on your finger and has a unique silhouette that still offers a classic look to it. The split-shank setting also works with any stone, so it makes it more unique to your bride’s preferences and personality than the more traditional rings do. 

Toi-et-Moi Ring

Toi-et-Moi is French for “you and me” and it symbolizes two people coming together as one which is perfect for an engagement ring for your alternative bride-to-be. This type of ring is not the typical traditional setting that most people opt for as an engagement ring despite the meaning of the name being about a union. However, it is quickly becoming a popular setting as of late. 

Toi-et-Moi Ring

 If you want to make the ring even more unique to your love, then you can choose to add yours and your bride’s birthstones instead of the classic diamond. Another way to make the ring stand out is by choosing different shapes or opting for the same size which also creates an optical illusion of having a larger stone. 


A cluster setting is a ring that has a cluster of diamonds that are set close together to provide an illusion of having one large diamond. This type of setting is ideal for those who have smaller hands and slimmer fingers. A cluster ring can be presented in a traditional manner such as a square or a circle, or for those who want to have an alternative look then you can choose an non-traditional design like a flower or a starburst. You can also look into other custom designs for your cluster ring that suits your love story and style better. Another non-traditional look can be opting for colored stones such as ruby and sapphire rather than choosing a diamond. 

Split-Shank Ring


A bezel setting offers the bride-to-be a vintage aesthetic that is unique and modern at the same time. It’s also the best type of setting for those who have a more active lifestyle since the wearer will not have to worry about the ring becoming dislodged. The diamond is enclosed and secure to the band which the chances of those with an active lifestyle from losing it or damaging it. 


Bezel rings also offer a cool and sleek look that are truly versatile in terms of styles since it can either look modern or vintage depending on which type of stone you add to it. You can also add accent diamonds that showcase the bezel setting, too. 

At Kobelli, we have all kinds of jewlery options that work for any special occasion. If you are unsure of which jewlery piece is for you or your special person in your life then our professionals can definitely help you. Set up an appointment today so we can help you with all your purchases!

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