What Is Rose Gold, and Why Is It So Popular?

Rose gold has been gaining momentum as a popular jewelry option and there is no sign of it slowing down. Rose gold is perfect for those who love a classic look and want to invest in versatile jewelry. When looking to expand your accessory options, rose gold is a great option to add something new, while also complimenting what you already have. 

A Brief History

Rose gold can be traced back to 19th century Russia by the famous jeweler Carl Faberge. He is most remembered for his Faberge eggs that are still worth a significant amount of money today. In America, rose gold gained fame in the 1920s, becoming a popular option for engagement rings and other fine jewelry. Cartier also produced their famous Trinity Rings in which rose gold was a trademark. Not unlike most fashion accessories, popularity has come and gone depending on current trends. In recent years, rose gold is once again a very popular choice in fashion. 

What Is Rose Gold, and Why Is It So Popular?

How Rose Gold Is Made

Rose gold is a mixture of classic yellow gold as well as copper and silver metals. Together, these metals create the pink hue with which we are familiar. It is important to remember that the vast majority of gold jewelry isn’t pure gold. Gold is a soft material that can easily bend, dent, and be destroyed, even when only worn sporadically. Gold jewelry is composed of other metals that help to improve its durability. When looking to determine how much gold has been used, you’ll want to check the karat amount. This will indicate the purity level of the gold.

Will Rose Gold Tarnish?

When jewelry tarnishes, it loses its luster. It tends to darken and essentially rust due to chemical reactions with the air. Rose gold will not tarnish, though it can appear darker and redder in time. This is due to the copper element. Many enjoy this color change, as it naturally provides a more vintage look while maintaining its quality. 


Durability is important, especially if you are looking for rings that can be worn on a daily basis. Rose gold is extremely durable due to its copper metal element. Copper is one of the most durable metals, having proven itself in the construction of buildings and different modes of transportation. 

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Why Is It So Popular?

Rose gold is a great option for many individuals because it is extremely versatile. Rose gold pairs well with silver and platinum jewelry. It also works well with most skin tones and can be a fun, chic alternative to classic yellow gold. It is a perfect accessory for your office attire as well as a night on the town. 

Finding the Perfect Rose Gold Accessory

Regardless of what piece of jewelry you are looking for, you can likely find a version of it in rose gold. Rose gold is extremely versatile and can elevate any look with ease. It also pairs well with silver and platinum, making it an easy addition to your existing collection. At Kobelli, we have a wide range of options in rose gold. Our experienced staff can help you select the perfect piece for your collection.  

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