The True Meaning of a Promise Ring

Jewelry has long played an important role in courtship, commitment, and showing love and appreciation for someone else. Romantically, rings are a popular jewelry choice for expressing love. For those who want to show their commitment to one another, but aren’t ready for an engagement, a promise ring is the next best option. 

What Does a Promise Ring Mean?

A promise ring signifies a serious commitment to another individual. It is often a gift that precedes an engagement ring, though that isn’t necessarily always the case. Giving this ring symbolizes a devotion to the relationship while outwardly acknowledging the devotion and commitment that it stands for. Promise rings are a great gift for any age -  high school sweethearts or an established couple living together who aren’t in a rush to get married. Practically anyone can give a promise ring as a sign of their love.

The True Meaning of a Promise Ring

What Does a Promise Ring Look Like?

When it comes to the look of a promise ring, much of the look is based on personal taste and style. There are no set rules when it comes to appearance or money spent. Some of the most popular options include hearts or intertwining designs. You may consider your loved one’s favorite gem or birthstone. While there is no set definition of what a promise ring should look like, it is often suggested to choose something with personal significance. 

Promise Ring Etiquette

While promise rings aren’t considered as serious as engagement rings, giving a promise ring shouldn’t be treated lightly. The ring represents a willingness to be in a committed relationship and demonstrates that commitment to the world. Every couple is different and there is no real set etiquette when it comes to promise rings — what matters is understanding what the ring represents. 


Promise rings can vary significantly in price. There are no real rules or guidelines that determine how much should be invested. Generally, promise rings cost much less than engagement rings. The cost will largely be determined by what style and type of gem you want. What matters most is selecting a ring from the heart that you know your loved one will be proud to wear. 

Promise Gold Ring

How to Give Your Promise Ring

Promise rings don’t come with the same traditional expectations of an engagement ring. This removes the necessity to worry too much about having that perfect moment. Most often, promise rings are given at birthdays, Valentine’s Day, or other holidays. How you give it is up to you. It could be over a romantic dinner or participating in one of your favorite activities. Where it happens doesn’t matter as much as why it is happening, and what it means. 

Selecting a Promise Ring

Promise rings are a great way to show a loved one that you are committed to them now and in the future. While they don’t always necessarily mean that engagement will follow, they do raise your level of devotion a step higher. If you’re ready to explore your options, or if you simply want to know more, the experts at Kobelli can help you select the perfect choice to fit your style and budget.  

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