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It has been a while since we have not talked about diamond settings, but this does not mean that we have forgotten them. The shape of the precious stone, no matter how beautiful and fascinating it is, cannot be optimally displayed if not sitting in a gracious setting, like the cathedral setting. Known as one of the most elegant mountings, the cathedral-nestled diamond tells a whole different story about classic jewelry. And you are about to hear it, so make sure to not change the frequency – the Kobelli Jewelry blog is the place to be right here and right now.


Obviously, the name says it all. This setting is featuring cathedral-like arches whose primary function is to hold the diamond securely in place. Besides protection, the other role of this type of setting is to represent the stately appearance of the cathedral as a building, thus transmitting the same vibes of grandeur and eminence to the jewelry piece that it is making a part of. Thanks to this setting, the stone easily becomes the focal point not only of the ring, but of the wearer’s entire style.

Considered a variation of the prong setting, cathedral is a great solution to make smaller center diamonds look bigger, by placing the stone in a high-set position, thus exposing it more. The thinner, lower part of the band is the most essential element of the cathedral setting. It is the part that encircles the finger and where the arches begin. In certain designs, the culet of the diamond is made to be at the same level with the band, thus making it low-set, which is quite unusual for this type of setting. However, this only confirms that the cathedral beauty can be incorporated in a range of jewelry styles, by preserving the elegant and charming look.


Basket Cathedral Moissanite and Diamond Ring in 14k Rose Gol

Basket Cathedral Moissanite & Diamond Ring in 14K Rose Gold


Before choosing a cathedral engagement ring setting for yourself, you should understand the pros and cons it brings along. So, here they are:



 As we previously said, you are ensuring elegance and that means undeniable attractiveness. The setting itself is offering more space to work on, which can be complemented with additional pavé stones or metal details that will make the ring more complex and luxurious. It is commonly said that the woman who is wearing a cathedral-set ring steals the show wherever she appears with it.

The cathedral setting gives a bigger bang for the customer’s buck. In other words, the center stone appears larger than its actual size. In the fine jewelry world, the golden rule says – the bigger, the better. So, if you are excited for large precious stones, but you have a limited budget, this is the right type of setting for you. The common jewelry shopping practice is showing that the most desired diamond cuts for cathedral rings are princess and cushion cut.

Maximum protection. Along with the prong setting, cathedral is another setting style that provides the stone with the necessary dose of security that the customer is expecting from the ring. The stone protection increases if the arches extend to the girdle or the table. This principle is particularly applied to rings centered with relatively soft gemstones, such as turquoise, emerald, opal and lapis.

Moissanite and Diamond Peg Cathedral Bridal Set

Moissanite & Diamond Peg Cathedral Bridal Set



 Since the cathedral design gives a lot of space, which is often wisely used to add more stones or details to the ring, many think that the final look of the piece is too cluttered for their taste. Therefore, women who want to keep it “simple and easy” should not consider buying a ring with cathedral setting.

 Difficult to clean. Jewelry designed in cathedral style is a bit tricky to clean, due to the open arches that apart from the stone, seem to be the “perfect shelter” for dust and dirt too. Cleaning and maintaining cathedral-set rings becomes an issue when worn frequently (on a daily basis).

 Not suitable for certain professions or lifestyles. The cathedral setting is the most exposed part of the ring, therefore, it catches easily on clothing, textiles and furniture. This makes it not being the proper type of ring setting for women working in the healthcare industry and other related fields. Also, the cathedral setting should be avoided by women with an active lifestyle, if they want to protect their ring from scratching, chipping or breaking.

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