The Most Attention-Grabbing Moonstone Facts

 As you can see, even the name of this precious stone says it all! Moonstone. The fallen gem from the sky, the dearest to the Moon. And the most impressive thing about it? Its chameleon nature. At first glance, it seems colorless, but when you start moving it, you can see as if the Moon itself dances on its surface. That is why this gemstone is cherished as one of the most fascinating stones on the planet. To learn something more about it, I present you the most interesting moonstone facts that will certainly grab your attention. Enjoy!

Fact No. 1

Opposed to what you might have been thinking, moonstone is not transparent, but milky white. In fact, this is the most common appearance of this gem, which can be also found in other color varieties, such as peach, blue, gray, yellow and green. The most expensive moonstone today is the rainbow moonstone, an awe-inspiring specimen with a soft, blue luster on the surface and an incredible dispersion of shimmer. This specimen can be found in one place in the world only - Sri Lanka. The shimmering effect is a result of an optical phenomenon called “adularescence” - one of the most authentic moonstone facts that are making it distinctive when compared with other gemstones. Adularescence is, basically, the interference between light and the mineral structure of the stone, or simply explained, a light reflection reminiscent of the moon reflection on water. Hence, the beautiful, symbolic name of this precious gem. 


Fact No. 2

Featuring a 6 - 6.5 grade on the Mohs scale of hardness, moonstone is defined as a relatively soft stone and this makes it easier for jewelry designers to experiment with the shapes and looks in their collections. The most popular shape of this gemstone is the "man in the moon" face, which can be carved in unique moonstone varieties. The carving has to be done carefully and with utmost precision, because of the gem’s poor toughness.


Oval Moonstone Engagement Ring with Diamonds

Oval Moonstone Engagement Ring with Diamonds

Fact No. 3

The most astonishing moonstone facts also include the one that moonstone is declared The Official State Gem of Florida! Even though Florida is not known yet for having moonstone mines, there is a bold reason why this precious stone is of such a great importance for this state. In 1970, after the Apollo 11 mission launched from The Kennedy Space Center in Florida and American astronauts made the first human steps on the Moon, the state legislature decided to commemorate this milestone in the history of humankind by designating moonstone as the state gemstone.

Fact No. 4

Historically, moonstone has been part of many cultures and traditions in the world. It is usually associated with the moon (obviously), so it is believed that if one has a moonstone in their mouth on a full moon, their future could be predicted. Moonstone is also associated with Monday, or “Moon’s day”, therefore, it is considered the birthstone of those born on Monday.


» Other moonstone facts in terms of lore and symbolism:

In many cultures from the Eastern world, moonstone is used as a good luck charm. This gemstone is also popular and highly accepted by love couples as well. For example, it is believed that couples who own a moonstone are destined to happy life fulfilled with grow and prosperity. Another belief says that two people could fall in love if one of them is wearing a moonstone jewel on a full-moon night. Moonstone has found its special place in the Feng Shui philosophy too. Its calming effect is said to promote harmony between individuals and the environment. Moonstone jewelry designed in the form of Buddha pendants are popularly used for bringing balance and harmony in homes and offices.

Fact No. 5

» White moonstone is known in alternative medicine as a healer of insomnia and nightmares. By improving sleep, it attracts more positive emotions at the same time.

» Peach moonstone is connected to love, but it is also believed to possess a property of improving confidence and self-esteem.

» Blue moonstone is there to attain and maintain the balance between yin and yang energies, by keeping the wearer focused and aware even in most stressful moments. Therefore, it promotes clarity of the mind and learning how to deal with obstacles.

» Green moonstone helps to relax and connect with nature. It is believed that it also has the power to stimulate prosperity.

» Gray moonstone is regarded as a very mysterious stone, also known as the “New Moon Stone”. Its color is still considered a indicator of new beginnings.


Genuine Rainbow Moonstone Engagement Ring with White Topaz

Genuine Rainbow Moonstone Engagement Ring with White Topaz

Fact No. 6

Promoting some outstanding physical healing powers has always been a part of the most fascinating moonstone facts. The benefits come in a wide range; from bringing inner balance into the body and normalizing the rhythm of the natural energy to strengthening the women’s reproductive system. Moonstone also brings happiness to the wearer. This gem affects the emotional health and makes it easier to get through the hard times or the emotional traumas. Wearing moonstone ensures self-confidence and peacefulness of the mind, thus being popularly know as “The Nerve Calmer”.

Considering the fact that this gemstone is directly connected to the moon, it is also used as a source of universal power and natural energy. So, get yourself a moonstone jewel if you want to keep away the negative thoughts and surround yourself with positive vibes.

Important notice: The health benefits of moonstone are not officially recognized, hence, they should not be taken as confirmed medicine. They are just popular in the world of alternative medicine, so before taking the decision to try any of moonstone’s healing properties, please talk to your physician first.


Fact No. 7

To take the best out of moonstone, it has to be taken appropriate care of. In other words, it has to be charged, just like a mobile phone; not with electricity, but moonlight. Leave your stone for a night to receive the energy from the moon, if you want to experience the maximum of its extraordinary properties. That is how is mentioned in the moonstone facts, so you know.


Pear Moonstone Engagement Ring With Halo Diamonds

Pear Moonstone Engagement Ring With Halo Diamonds

Fact No. 8

One of the most popular moonstones today is the award winner of 2017 American Gem Trade Association – the Iris Moonstone necklace, which resides in the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington. The central stone of the necklace is a gorgeous marquise-cut moonstone that exhibits the one-of-a-kind cat’s eye effect. The backside of the necklace features a very special engraving: “By the light of a silver moon an ocean of life awaits your magical touch.”

Fact No. 9

World’s main deposits of moonstone are located in Sri Lanka and India. Other countries that provide the gemstone industry with certain moonstone supply are: Australia, Brazil, India, Madagascar, Mexico, Norway, Germany, Switzerland, Tanzania and the United States. As previously mentioned, the most remarkable moonstone specimens comes from Sri Lanka, captivating for their attractive blue-colored material. The truth is, moonstone is becoming increasingly rare, which is the main reason why natural moonstone jewelry is found in limited quantities on the marketplace.

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