Ring Settings

Ring settings not only serve the functional purpose of firmly putting a diamond or gemstone in place, but they also play an important role in a ring's overall aesthetics and attractiveness. They contribute to the ring's design by highlighting the stone and increasing its brilliance.

The ring setting you choose can have a significant impact on the aesthetic impact and design of the ring. The setting can match the wearer's personal style and preferences, whether classic, vintage, or contemporary.

Furthermore, ring settings contribute to the ring's durability and long-term wearability. A well-crafted setting secures the stone, reducing the chance of loss or damage. The selection of a strong and durable setting is especially vital for engagement rings or everyday wear jewelry. The significance of a dependable setting cannot be stressed, as it guarantees that the precious stone is securely held in place and can be enjoyed for many years to come.


Prong Setting & Solitaire Setting

Prong Setting:

A prong setting is a popular and classic method used to secure gemstones, particularly diamonds, in jewelry pieces such as rings. It is characterized by small metal prongs, typically made of platinum, gold, or silver, which hold the gemstone firmly in place. The prongs are strategically positioned around the stone, ensuring its stability while allowing maximum light to enter and showcase the gem's brilliance. Prong settings are known for their simplicity, elegance, and versatility, making them a preferred choice for various jewelry designs. The number of prongs used can vary, with four and six-prong settings being the most common options. This setting not only highlights the gemstone's beauty but also provides a secure and elevated display, allowing the stone to be the focal point of the piece.

Prong settings are a popular choice in jewelry creation because of their secure and attractive appearance. They often include small metal prongs that hold a gemstone in place, allowing maximum visibility and light absorption to enhance the stone's brightness. Popular prong settings include Single Claw Ring Prong, Double Claw Ring Prong, Round Ring Prong, Tab Prong, V-Ring Prong, and Tulip Prong.

    Solitaire Setting:

    The solitaire setting is a timeless and iconic jewelry design that emphasizes the beauty and simplicity of a single gemstone. It is characterized by a single, prominent stone, usually a diamond, set on a plain band or with minimal additional embellishments. The solitaire setting is renowned for its elegance, sophistication, and ability to showcase the natural beauty of the center stone. The stone is typically held in place by prongs, although other variations like bezel settings may also be used. The solitaire setting allows the diamond or gemstone to stand out and catch the light from all angles, creating a stunning visual impact. This setting is a classic choice for engagement rings, as it symbolizes the purity and everlasting nature of love. It offers a timeless appeal that continues to captivate jewelry enthusiasts for its understated yet breathtaking aesthetic.

    Thin prongs can be fragile and prone to breaking, while shorter prongs may not support the diamond well. It's crucial to have proper contact between the diamond and the prong's top to prevent it from getting loose. Similarly, avoid thick or large prongs that can take away from the diamond's beauty. Finding the right balance ensures secure protection while keeping the diamond as the center of attention.

    The Franz engagement ring from Kobelli is a perfect example of a Prong & Solitaire Setting combined. The prong setting emphasizes the central diamond by securely keeping it in place with a collection of thin metal prongs, enabling maximum light to enter and enhance its brilliance from all angles. This simple and timeless setting highlights the diamond's beauty while providing exceptional visibility. The solitaire setting, on the other hand, features the center diamond as the primary focus of attention, with a clean and minimalist style. A simple and beautiful metal band secures the diamond, letting it take center stage and reflect its innate beauty.  





    The Tiffany Setting 

    The Tiffany Setting is an iconic ring setting designed by Tiffany & Co., the world's most famous jewelry firm. It was introduced in 1886 and transformed the design and setting of diamond engagement rings. The Tiffany Setting is distinguished by its traditional and timeless style, which features a single solitaire diamond elevated above the band in a six-prong setting. 

    What differentiates the Tiffany Setting is its ability to maximize the diamond's brightness and beauty. The diamond is securely held in position by the six prongs while allowing maximum light to enter from all directions, increasing its shine and radiance. The diamond's elevated position allows light to reach it from beneath, enhancing its brilliance even more. The Tiffany Setting's simplicity and elegance have made it one of the most popular and well-known engagement ring types.




    Bezel Setting

    A bezel setting is a popular jewelry technique in which a metal rim or collar surrounds the gemstone, securely retaining it in place. Unlike other settings that use prongs or claws, the bezel setting completely encircles the stone, providing great protection and stability. The metal strip is meticulously fashioned to fit the stone's size and shape, ensuring a snug and secure fit.

    One of the most significant advantages of a bezel setting is its ability to give outstanding security for the gemstone. The metal rim works as a protective barrier, protecting the stone from being damaged, chipped, or removed. This makes bezel-set rings a good alternative for people who lead active lives or work in professions where their rings may be subjected to abrasion. Furthermore, bezel settings have a sleek and contemporary aesthetic appeal, and the metal frame can provide a distinctive touch to the overall design of the ring.

    This Solitaire Elise Ring features a bezel setting, offering excellent security and protection to the gemstone. The smooth metal rim surrounding the diamond keeps it firmly in place, minimizing the risk of damage or loss. This setting enhances the ring's aesthetic appeal with a sleek and modern look, adding sophistication and versatility to the piece. Ideal for everyday wear or special occasions, it exudes timeless elegance.






    Tension Setting

    The tension setting is a distinct and contemporary form of setting that is commonly employed in rings, notably engagement rings. Unlike standard settings that use prongs or bezels to anchor the gemstone, tension settings use the concept of pressure to secure the gemstone. The metal band in a tension setting is meant to apply pressure on the gemstone from opposite sides, successfully holding it in place without the need for any apparent support. This results in a compelling and minimalist aesthetic that allows the gemstone to take center stage while providing the illusion that it is hanging in mid-air.

    To ensure that the gemstone is securely kept in place, tension settings require careful craftsmanship and engineering. The metal ring is precisely adjusted to provide sufficient pressure on the gemstone to prevent it from moving while still letting light pass through and increase its brilliance. When selecting for a tension setting, it is critical to select high-quality materials and trained jewelers to assure the ring's endurance and safety. Tension settings are popular among those looking for a new and distinctive touch on traditional ring designs because of their contemporary and sleek appearance.

    The Marquise Diamond Bypass Ring is an excellent example of the importance of tension settings in jewelry design. The marquise diamond is securely held in place by this one-of-a-kind and contemporary setting, producing a stunning floating illusion. It improves the beauty, brilliance, and light reflection of the diamond, resulting in a dramatic and eye-catching statement piece. The seamless and simplistic design of the tension setting increases the entire appearance, making it a gorgeous and unforgettable piece of jewelry.




    Channel Setting

    The channel setting securely binds a row of gemstones within a ring's metal band, providing great security and protection. The gemstones are nestled side by side in a channel, giving the piece a smooth and seamless appearance. This placement creates a flush and continuous appearance, reducing the possibility of damage or loss while providing an attractive touch to the overall design. The channel setting, with its versatility and capacity to accommodate diverse gemstone forms, provides limitless opportunities for producing visually appealing and elegant ring styles.

    The Bri Baguette Eternity Ring shown below shows the significance of channel settings in jewelry design. A row of baguette-cut diamonds expertly placed within a channel creates a flawless and continuous line of brilliance in this stunning band. The channel setting not only adds to the ring's overall visual appeal, but it also provides great protection for the diamonds, keeping them from shifting or falling out. The metal walls on each side of the diamonds provide protection, lowering the chance of damage and maintaining the jewels' lifespan. The Bri Baguette Eternity Ring, with its exquisite and refined design, exemplifies the channel setting's capacity to create a timeless and sophisticated piece of jewelry that can be enjoyed for a lifetime.





    Pave Setting

    Pave setting rings are stunning pieces of jewelry noted for their enthralling brilliance and sophisticated design. The surface of the ring is studded with precisely placed jewels, resulting in a continuous, brilliant look. These exquisite diamonds, held in place by small metal beads or prongs, accentuate the glittering impact while providing a timeless elegance that matches various engagement rings or stands wonderfully on their own. A popular choice for individuals looking for glitz and glam in their jewelry collection.

    Rings that have a pave setting are carefully crafted to capture light from all angles, resulting in a stunning show of brightness. The closely set jewels provide the illusion of a glittering band, adding to the overall luminosity of the ring. Pave setting rings are available in a variety of styles and metals and can be customized to suit individual preferences. These rings ooze timeless beauty and superb craftsmanship, bringing elegance to any ensemble whether worn for special events or as a fashion statement.

    The Kobelli "Light & Shadow Cuff Ring" showcases the value of pave setting with a unique design that creates an enchanting interplay of light and shadow. Adorned with closely placed jewels in a meticulously crafted pave setting, this stunning ring reflects light from every angle, exuding elegance and exceptional craftsmanship.




    The Domed Pave Diamond Band is another excellent example of a pave setting. It has a breathtaking total diamond weight of 1 1/4 carats, with a number of little diamonds meticulously set close together throughout the band. This setting not only enhances the ring's overall brilliance and shine, but it also lends it a majestic and opulent appearance, transforming it into an incredible piece of jewelry.





    Halo Setting

    A halo setting is a popular choice for rings because it surrounds a center gemstone with smaller diamonds or gemstones, producing a "halo" look. This setting not only gives the ring a compelling and elegant appearance, but it also fulfills utilitarian objectives. The halo of lesser stones highlights the center gemstone, making it appear larger and more bright. Furthermore, the surrounding stones protect the center stone by acting as a buffer against any harm and reducing the chance of chipping or scratching.

    The important function of a halo setting stems from its capacity to enhance the visual impact of the ring. The setting adds depth, complexity, and sparkle to the entire design by framing the central stone with a halo of lesser stones. The halo setting is extremely versatile in that it may be matched with a variety of gemstone shapes and sizes, allowing for customization and personalization. The halo setting amplifies the beauty of the centerpiece, whether it's a diamond or a colorful gemstone, creating a dazzling and eye-catching ring that exudes elegance and sophistication.

    The Paige ring below, which is a pear moissanite lab-grown diamond engagement ring, is an exquisite piece of jewelry featuring a pave and halo setting with a pear-shaped center diamond adorned with a halo of smaller diamonds. The band is beautifully crafted in 14k white gold, adding to its elegance and sophistication. This ring exudes timeless beauty and is a perfect choice for those seeking a classic and glamorous engagement ring.


    PAIGE 12X8



    Cathedral Setting

    Cathedral settings are popular for rings because they feature arches or elevated shoulders that lift the center stone for a graceful and elegant appearance. It adds stability, improves visibility, and allows more light to reflect off the stone, resulting in increased brilliance. This setting is perfect for highlighting larger jewels and providing a focal point.

    The significance of a cathedral setting stems from its capacity to improve the overall design and appearance of the ring. The arches or raised shoulders provide a touch of sophistication and craftsmanship to the ring, making it regal and ageless. The cathedral setting also allows for further customisation, as the arch The significance of a cathedral setting stems from its capacity to improve the overall design and appearance of the ring. The arches or raised shoulders provide a touch of sophistication and craftsmanship to the ring, making it regal and ageless.  es can be created in a variety of styles and adorned with extra diamonds or elaborate metalwork. The cathedral setting adds a sense of elegance and grandeur to any band, whether it's an engagement ring or a statement piece, making it a popular choice for people looking for a ring that emits both beauty and significance.

    The Olga Cathedral Engagement Ring setting from Kobelli Jewelry is a timeless and elegant design. With a raised center stone and a band adorned with sparkling diamonds, this exquisite cathedral setting showcases the beauty of the center stone while maximizing its brilliance with ample light exposure. The graceful arches symbolize strength and support, making it an ideal choice for couples seeking a ring that embodies their enduring love. Crafted with luxury and precision, the Olga Cathedral Engagement Ring setting is a true masterpiece that leaves a lasting impression.







    Bar Setting

    Bar setting is a classic and elegant choice for rings, where small diamonds or gemstones are held securely in place between parallel metal bars. This setting not only adds a sleek and sophisticated look to the ring but also provides excellent protection to the stones by holding them firmly in position. The bar setting allows for maximum visibility of the gemstones, as minimal metal is used, allowing light to enter from all angles and enhancing their brilliance and sparkle. This setting is perfect for those seeking a sleek and modern design with added durability and a touch of understated glamour.

    The Kobelli Jewelry Pilot Radiant Ring has a captivating bar setting style that seamlessly combines contemporary and elegance. This setting's elegant metal bars securely support a radiant-cut diamond, creating a one-of-a-kind and eye-catching visual impression. It adds to the overall elegance of the ring while permitting maximum light exposure, resulting in a spectacular and dazzling display. The bar setting's clean lines and contemporary appeal make it a versatile choice for people looking for sophistication and flair. The Pilot Radiant Ring with a bar setting is a magnificent piece of jewelry that stands out with great attention to detail.






    Flush Setting

    Flush setting, also known as gypsy or burnish setting, is a refined technique in which gemstones are set into a metal surface so that they are level or "flush" with the surrounding metal. With the gemstones securely nestled within the metal, this setting provides a smooth and seamless appearance. The flush setting not only looks nice, but it also gives exceptional durability and protection to the gemstones because they are less vulnerable to damage or snagging.

    Because flush-mounted gemstones are less likely to catch on clothing or other items, this setting is frequently used for wedding bands or everyday jewelry. The flush setting is a popular choice for people looking for a clean and low-profile design that emphasizes the jewels rather than excessive workmanship.

    Aside from rings, flush setting is popular on necklaces and bracelets. The diamond chip cookie necklace below has a flush setting, which means that little diamond chips are seamlessly integrated into the metal surface, providing a sleek and simple appearance. This setting is vital because it ensures that the diamonds are securely held in place, giving longevity and protection while highlighting the natural brightness and brilliance of the stones.




    Three-Stone Setting

    The three-stone setting, which features a central gemstone flanked by two smaller stones on either side, is a classic and timeless choice for rings. Because it represents the past, present, and future, this setting is a meaningful choice for engagement rings and anniversary bands. The versatility of the three-stone setting resides in its ability to be customized with numerous combinations of jewels, resulting in a unique and individualized design. Furthermore, the side stones in this setting offer further sparkle and visual impact to the ring by enhancing the overall brilliance and size perception of the center stone.

    The essence of a three-stone setting is best exemplified in the 3-Stone Radiant Moissanite ring below, with a dazzling center stone bordered by two lesser stones on each side making a total gemstone weight of over 6 carats!. This setting creates a visually striking and attention-grabbing statement piece while also providing an exquisite and meaningful design, reflecting major connections or achievements.





    Antique/Vintage Setting

    A ring with an antique or vintage setting emanates an alluring atmosphere of timeless elegance. These settings display detailed craftsmanship and a feeling of heritage, evoking bygone ages. Antique settings are distinguished by delicate filigree work, rich engravings, and complex features that represent the skillful creativity of the past. The use of historical jewels, such as old mine cut or rose-cut diamonds, provides a unique and charming touch to these rings. Each piece tells a tale, enabling the wearer to indulge in the romanticism and nostalgia of a bygone period.

    Aesthetically, antique and vintage settings frequently have distinct features that contrast with contemporary forms. Whether it's the regal grandeur of an Edwardian filigree ring or the brazen splendor of an Art Deco geometric setting, these rings each have their own distinct personality.

    The Kobelli "Rhapsody" ring captivates with its vintage-inspired beauty and timeless elegance. With elaborate filigree work, delicate milgrain accents, and a spectacular round-cut diamond enveloped by a halo of smaller diamonds, it evokes the essence of a bygone period. This ring emits a distinct charm that honors the past while embellishing the present with grace and style, thanks to its fine craftsmanship and classic design.






    Cluster Setting

    In rings, a cluster setting is a magnificent arrangement of numerous smaller diamonds or gemstones clustered closely together to form a bright focal point. This setting design provides for a visually spectacular centerpiece that creates the illusion of a larger stone, boosting the ring's overall shine and presence. The clustered jewels combine to provide a compelling and eye-catching display of brightness, making it a perfect choice for people looking for a glamorous and luxury style in their jewelry.

    The "2ct Natural Diamond Double Halo Bridal Set" featured below elegantly demonstrates the benefit of a cluster setting. The intriguing formation of several smaller diamonds offers a stunning show of brightness, enhancing the ring's overall size and appearance. This cluster setting provides a touch of luxury and brilliance with its superb craftsmanship and dazzling look, making it an ideal choice for people who like dramatic and attention-grabbing jewelry.





    Eternity Band

    An eternity band in rings is a sign of everlasting love and dedication, with a continuous row of gemstones surrounding the entire band. This timeless design symbolizes eternal love and devotion. The jewels, which are often diamonds, are fitted without any gaps, resulting in a brilliant and uninterrupted circle of brilliance. The eternity band is a timeless and elegant option for marking significant occasions or as a symbol of eternal love in wedding or anniversary bands.

    The eternity band's attractiveness resides not just in its symbolic meaning, but also in its visual appeal. The eternity band's sleek and classy form makes it a versatile piece that may be worn alone or stacked with other rings for a personalized and fashionable look. 

    The "Eternal Bailey Band" by Kobelli clearly demonstrates the benefit of an eternity band. This magnificent ring represents eternal love and dedication with a continuous row of brilliant diamonds encircling the entire band. Because of its seamless shape, it ensures a dazzling display of brilliance, making it a timeless and adaptable choice for wedding bands or anniversary rings. The Eternal Bailey Band is a cherished symbol of love to be treasured for a lifetime, with timeless symbolism and superb craftsmanship.






    Shank/Split-Shank Setting

    Rings with a shank or split-shank setting have a distinct and eye-catching style that adds a touch of refinement. The shank, or band, is beautifully separated into two or more strands, resulting in a visually appealing effect. This setting style embraces the center stone elegantly, boosting its prominence and presence. The split-shank design allows for fine elaboration and adds a level of elegance and charm to the ring, making it an enticing choice for anyone looking for a unique and spectacular piece of jewelry.

    The "Large Emerald Double Halo Moissanite and Diamond Ring" below clearly demonstrates the benefit of a shank/split-shank setting. This ring hugs the center stone with grace and sophistication, thanks to its delicately divided shank. The split-shank design highlights the main gemstone, giving a stunning aesthetic impression. This setting adds an added degree of elegance and appeal with its complex workmanship and exceptional craftsmanship, making it an ideal choice for individuals looking for a unique and intriguing piece of jewelry.

    Infinity Setting

    Infinity settings on rings represent eternal love and endless possibilities. The infinity symbol, represented by an elegant loop, is seamlessly integrated into the ring's design. This setting design indicates an unbreakable bond and devotion between two people. The infinity setting gives the ring a beautiful meaning, encapsulating the concept of everlasting love and unity. The infinity setting, with its elegant and profound design, is an excellent choice for individuals looking for a lasting and sentimental piece of jewelry.

    The "Ribbon Bypass Oval Moissanite Engagement Ring" elegantly demonstrates the benefit of an infinity setting. This gorgeous ring, which has an elegant infinity symbol entwined with the band, represents eternal love and unity. The romantic symbolism and graceful design complement each other to create a compelling and significant piece of jewelry. This gorgeous band elegantly combines everlasting love with style, making it an ideal choice for those looking for a meaningful and stylish engagement ring.




    Side Stone Setting

    Smaller diamonds or gemstones flank the sides of the focal stone, giving sparkle and brilliance. These side stones complement and enhance the brilliance of the center stone, producing a dazzling display of radiance. The side stone setting not only provides visual appeal but also a sense of refinement and class to the overall design. With its brilliant assortment of stones, this setting design provides a great balance between the center stone and the side stones, resulting in a striking and glamorous piece of jewelry that is guaranteed to make a statement. The side stone setting is a popular choice for people looking for a ring that displays elegance, whether for an engagement ring or any special occasion.

    The "Elizabeth" ring below neatly demonstrates the benefit of a side stone placement. This magnificent ring amplifies the brilliance and shine of the main stone with tiny diamonds embellishing the band. The side stone setting enhances the ring's brilliance and beauty, providing a fascinating show. The "Elizabeth" ring is crafted with painstaking attention to detail, achieving a perfect balance between the center stone and the side stones, resulting in a magnificent piece of jewelry that emanates elegance and sophistication. The side stone setting adds beauty and luxury, making it a spectacular choice for those looking for an eye-catching and entrancing ring, whether for an engagement or special occasion.




    Hidden Halo Setting

    In rings, the hidden halo setting adds a subtle and fascinating design element that adds an extra depth of brilliance and glamour. A halo of lesser diamonds or gemstones is deliberately positioned beneath the primary stone in this setting design, giving a veiled shimmering impression. The hidden halo setting adds to the overall attractiveness of the ring while keeping it clean and stylish. It gives the main stone depth and dimension, making it appear larger and more brilliant. The hidden halo setting, with its unique and appealing design, is ideal for people who like a touch of elegance and want their ring to stand out with a hint of hidden brilliance.

    The "Orah 9x7" ring below perfectly exemplifies the benefit of a side stone placement. This gorgeous item brilliantly complements the main stone, adding more shine and clarity, with a mesmerizing assortment of lesser diamonds delicately embellishing the band. The side stone setting adds to the ring's overall elegance and presence, producing a dazzling show of shine. The ring is crafted with great attention to detail, achieving a perfect balance between the center stone and the side stones, resulting in a magnificent piece of jewelry that emanates a sense of style. The side stone setting adds a touch of glamour and luxury, making it a spectacular choice for those looking for a fascinating and captivating ring. 

    ORAH 9X7



    Compass Setting

    The compass setting in rings is a distinctive and meaningful design that highlights the main stone nicely. The prongs, which resemble the points of a compass, delicately hold the stone in place, producing a unique and striking appearance. This location implies not just secure placement but also guidance, direction, and a solid relationship. The compass setting, with its superb craftsmanship and attention to detail, lends a touch of refinement and emotion to any ring, making it an exceptional choice for individuals looking for a significant and attractive piece of jewelry.

    The "Rhodes" ring shown below beautifully showcases the advantage of a compass setting. Its unique design features compass-like prongs elegantly holding the center stone in place. This setting not only ensures a secure setting but also adds a distinctive symbolic element, representing guidance and a steadfast bond. With exceptional craftsmanship, the "Rhodes" ring achieves a perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics, resulting in an elegant and meaningful piece of jewelry. Whether for an engagement or any special occasion, the compass setting adds sophistication and sentimentality, making it a remarkable choice for those seeking a meaningful and stylish ring.






    Shared Prong Setting

    Rings with shared prong settings are a classic and beautiful style that highlights the brilliance of several gemstones. The gemstones are held in position in this setting by shared prongs, providing for maximum visibility and light reflection. The shared prong setting provides a continuous row of brilliant stones, increasing the ring's overall attractiveness and brightness. The shared prong setting is a popular choice for individuals who love a sleek and stylish design that showcases the natural beauty of the gemstones, thanks to its timeless appeal and outstanding design.

    The shared prong setting advantage is wonderfully highlighted by the "Rue" ring. Its row of gleaming jewels is held together by shared prongs, maximizing visibility and light reflection. The ring's brilliance and elegance are enhanced by this setting, which creates a dazzling display of glitter. It has a sleek and classy design with a smooth row of stones that highlights the natural shine of the jewels. The "Rue" ring, meticulously made with attention to detail, is a timeless and beautiful choice that instantly captures attention.



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