Return to Black Tie in Style—3 Tips to Accessorize Your Formalwear

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, planning and organizing black tie or formal events was the last thing on everyone’s minds. However, despite going so long without large, formal gatherings, the tides seem to finally be turning. Throughout the past many months, formal events have slowly started to make their long-awaited return. 

If you have a formal celebration on the horizon, you’ll need to figure out how you’d like to style yourself. Regardless of the celebration, it’s always a good idea to consider accessorizing your outfit with some fine jewelry. 

What Do We Mean By “Black Tie” Events?

Black tie events are a particular type of formal gathering that require highly formal attire. These events call for a timeless, classic look. Men are typically required to wear tuxedos, and women are expected to wear evening gowns.

Nonetheless, black tie events are the most formal event that exists. They offer slightly fewer dress restrictions than white tie events, which are as formal as it gets. For this reason, black tie attendees have a bit more freedom when it comes to personalizing their looks. 

3 Ways to Accessorize Formalwear With Fine Jewelry

In fact, formal black tie attire doesn’t have to be boring at all. There is plenty of room for creativity and accessorization. If you’re looking to make formal wear your own, a great place to start is by incorporating fine jewelry into your outfit. 

How do you go about selecting fine jewelry for a black tie event? Here are a few tips:

  1. Consider Your Neckline 

If you’re going to accessorize, you’ll want to consider the canvas you’re working with. When it comes to selecting jewelry, the neckline is an important part of the canvas to take into consideration. Certain styles and lengths of necklaces will be more flattering when paired with different necklines. 

You shouldn’t allow your jewelry to compete with the rest of your outfit. If you’re wearing a high neckline, try to avoid choker necklaces. Instead, work with contrasting lengths so that your outfit and jewelry aren’t competing with each other. 

  1. Before Anything Else, Choose the Earrings

When picking out jewelry for your outfit, make sure to start with earrings. From there, you’ll be able to use their profile to set the tone for the rest of your jewelry. As a whole, it’s important that your accessories are cohesive, and earrings are often the focal point of jewelry selections—so, choosing them first can ensure that everything else works together. 

  1. Add a Pop of Color to an All-Black Outfit With Rich Gem Tones

If you’ve decided upon an all-black outfit (which is certainly a popular option, when it comes to formalwear), you won’t want your look to blend into the background. Without accessories, it’s possible for an all-black ensemble to look drab or lifeless. However, this can be easily resolved by incorporating jewelry with rich gem tones. Just a few subtle pieces can really bring an outfit to life.

Return to Black Tie Events With Kobelli

Before selecting an outfit for your next formal or black tie event, come to Kobelli for fine jewelry options. We offer a wide array of styles to fit your look and personal taste. If you have questions for us, reach out via our contact page

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