7 Tips to Help You Get the Perfect Color Gemstone Bridal Sets

Consider the Meaning Behind Your Colored Gemstone

Pick a Gemstone that Will Last

Pick a Color that Complements the Wearer

Jackie Kennedy, Princess Diana, Victoria Beckham, Olivia Wilde and many other celebrities have one thing in common: they all opted for colored gemstone engagement rings instead of the classic diamond rings. Gemstone bridal sets have become more popular over the years and more people are choosing these colorful gemstones over diamonds. When people choose gemstones for engagement rings, they are choosing them for many reasons starting with the color. The color of gemstones allow the couples to make the ring look different and express their love in a unique way.

The colors also have different meanings behind them and that is why most people choose gemstones over the classic diamond. If you are unsure of which gemstone color to choose for your ring, we have 7 tips to help you get the perfect color gemstone bridal sets for you. 

Perfect Color Gemstone

Meaning Behind the Color

There is no rule that you have to stick to the typical diamond engagement ring for your wedding ring. A diamond ring is a classic, but if you are wanting a more unique kind of ring to symbolize your forever love, then choosing a colorful gemstone might be for you. These colorful gemstones present a different way for couples to express their love story instead of the typical classic diamond engagement ring. 

Although engagement rings in general symbolize the couple’s forever and their love, and commitment to one another, many couples want a colorful gemstone that presents an extra sentiment for their ring. If you want your ring to have an extra special meaning behind it, then any gemstone can offer that extra meaning to you. All you have to do is choose the right color gemstone for you. 


Diamonds are notorious for being extremely durable which is why most people opt for diamonds since “diamonds last forever”. However, if you want to put a twist on the classic diamond bridal set tradition, you can easily opt for colored gemstones. Picking a colored gemstone may seem easy, but you have to keep in mind the durability of these gems. You can go over the MohS Ranking when looking at potential rings to make your choice. 

The scale ranks the hardest gemstones like Diamond (10) to the softest, Talc, (1) followed by Ruby, Sapphire, Corundum, Topaz, Quartz, Feldspar, and so on. Although you can easily choose a color you like for your bridal set, you might want to take the hardness into consideration. You want a ring that won’t be easily scuffed and scratched when you try to clean it. Remember to take a look at the MOHs Hardness scale and pick a gemstone that is 7.5 and above to ensure it can last forever. 


Bridal sets already showcase the love of the couple and the commitment, but if you want it more unique and personal to you and your love then picking a birthstone color will be the perfect addition to your love story. Adding your birthstone will make your ring more personalized since it signifies your birth and offers a sweet story to add to those who ask about your ring and color. 

Colored Gemstones Stand Out from the Crowd

Any kind of engagement ring will definitely stand out when you are out, talking with friends or even shopping at the grocery store. Wherever you go, your bridal set will be telling others your love story even without you having to speak a word. A colored gemstone will also be doing the same. However, a colored gemstone will also provide a bigger impact on your love story because the color of the gem will make a bigger splash. It’s not every day that you see a colorful gem on the ring finger. 

Skin tone

Before you go out and invest in a bridal set, you want to consider everything before making that purchase such as your partner’s skin tone. You want the bridal set to stand out, but also complement your partner. A good rule of thumb is to go by his/her skin tone to ensure that it stands out because it looks good, not because it doesn’t mesh well with your partner’s skin color. 

Gemstones like rubies, sapphire and garnets look beautiful on “cool” skin, meaning those who have bluish colored veins and a rosy undertone. For those with a “warmer” skin tone who have greenish colored veins and yellow undertones, you should look at more earth colors like peach, turquoise, green, coral and peach. 

Zodiac Signs

You can choose your partner’s birthstone to help you decide on a color for their bridal set, or you can consider their zodiac sign to help you. For example, for fire signs, you can opt for a red colored gemstone or gemstone that has some red in it like a red coral color or more yellow, orange colors. If you have an earth sign, then you can choose a blue sapphire. Lastly, you can also consider both their zodiac sign and their personality to see what kind of colored gemstone would be ideal for them. For example, a pisces has a charismatic personality so you can opt for a yellow sapphire to be a representation of your partner. 

Optical Phenomena

The best part of having a gemstone as a ring is the irdescence effect it has when the light hits it. If you want your ring to give off a rainbow-like effect then a gemstone would be perfect for you. Although this phenomena is found in all types of gemstones, there are other gemstones that provide this effect more than the others such as opal. 

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