Minimalist Engagement Rings -- Why Less is More

A proposal—the moment a woman has been waiting for. You imagine the big moment, the love of your life on one knee, asking you to marry him. And perhaps the diamond ring so big it sparkles even from across the street. Yes, that is how social media depicts a marriage proposal. The truth is, not all proposals pan out like that.

Not all engagement rings have huge, flashy diamonds that will make your eyes wow in amazement. The “bigger the better” thing is not for the Millennials anymore. People are now gravitating towards smaller diamonds. Gone are the days when a guy will have to spend three months’ worth of his salary for an engagement ring. When it comes to engagement rings, the size of the diamond does not matter most of the time. What really counts is whether you like your ring or not. So, why are minimalist engagement rings better?

  1. Simplicity Makes It More Beautiful

Simple is beautiful. A smaller diamond actually can be a better option since it can add to the overall look of your engagement ring. A small center stone draws more attention to the accents or settings you choose, without forgoing the natural and classic design of a few dominant diamonds or one center stone. If you want to highlight the design and other materials on your engagement ring without outshining the diamond, you can reduce its size and experience the best of both worlds.

  1. Impractical Spending is Not Important Anymore

Remember when they used to imply that if a man doesn’t give up paying bills, eating, drinking, or ideally having a life for three months just to pool enough funds to buy an engagement ring, he is not considered worthy? Luckily, people’s thinking has changed, and things have come a long way since then.

Starting a new life together comes with a lot of responsibilities and lots of expenses. Think about paying bills, down payment on a new house, or paying off a university loan. Plus, you have expenses from planning a wedding to worry about. Couples are becoming more practical now and find it unwise to spend thousands of dollars on a piece of jewelry. They would rather use the money on the more important stuff.

  1. Quality is More Valuable than Carat Size

Diamonds have 4 C’s, and carat size is one of them. Factors such as clarity, cut, and color must also be considered. All of these affect the total price of the engagement ring. It is important to understand the relationship between quality and price to know if you have the best ring on your finger. A huge diamond with many inclusions, yellow color, and poor quality cut may be considered relatively less valuable than a near-perfect stone that’s only a fraction of the size.

Do not be ashamed of wanting the best and highest quality diamond even if it means having a smaller stone. Less is more—your small diamond will eventually make up for its size with extra shine and sparkle.

Remember, large or small diamonds do not determine whether you’ll be together forever. In the end, it’s all about the love and affection you have for each other.

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