5 Best Ways to Make Your Engagement Ring Look Bigger

A lot goes into getting engaged. One of the most stressful parts of getting engaged, minus the proposal, is shopping for the right ring for your partner. If you want to stay within a budget, but you don’t want the ring to look small then there are ways to ensure that you find a ring that looks larger than it really is while staying within your budget. 

Buying an engagement ring is a big investment, and we want you to feel comfortable in your purchase and stay within your budget. To help you make your final decision easier for you, we have created a list for the best ways to make your engagement ring look bigger. 

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Enhance the Surrounding Area of the Diamond 

1. Add a Halo Around the Diamond

A great tip to make your diamond look bigger is to choose a halo setting to allow it to look larger. By adding a halo around your diamond, you are adding to its natural sparkle and size with tiny stones that don’t add too much to the price of the overall ring. A halo around your diamond adds to its beauty as well as allows you to get creative with how you choose to surround the diamond with colored diamonds or regular non-colored diamonds. 

The halo will be able to make the diamond look larger because it allows it to extend further than it would have without the surrounding tiny stones while increasing the sparkle. In addition to not having to pay to size up the carat size, you also have the added security that the center stone will be well-protected because the tiny stones will prevent it from being scuffed and scratched. 

2. Add Colored Bezel

If you don’t want to add a halo around your diamond, then you can opt for a more playful and non-traditional look to reflect your personality by adding a colored bezel around your ring. By adding some color around your ring, you make it look more unique while making it stand out and look larger. A colored bezel also ensures that your ring reflects not only your personality but represents how special your love is and can make it stand out even more compared to other diamond rings. 

3. Add a Narrow Band with Fewer Prongs

If you want to make your ring look bigger then avoid bulky bands and multiple bands. When you add multiple bands or a larger band, it only distracts the gaze from the diamond. Bigger bands and multiple bands only make your diamond look smaller because of how wide the bands look compared to the stone. However, before you add a more narrow band to your ring, you need to ensure it looks good on your finger. 

You can also focus your attention on the number of prongs on the ring. The more prongs you have on your stone, the smaller the diamond looks since it will only be hiding the actual size of the diamond. However, if you have fewer prongs like four on the ring then you will be able to see the entire surface of the diamond rather than overshadowing it with more prongs. 

As a result, your diamond will look bigger and allow more light to enter it so it can sparkle and look bigger at the same time. You can use slender prongs to ensure that the stone is on the ring securely. 

Focus on the Look of the Diamond

4. Multiple Diamond

When you have several diamonds that are the same size on a ring, it makes the diamond size look a lot larger. If that is something you want to do, then you can add diamonds of the same size or a smaller size that are arranged right by each other to make it look bigger while adding to the overall sparkle of the ring, too. If you choose this route, then you might be seeing a lower price because the stones are of a lower weight compared to the solitaire diamond option. 

You could potentially purchase a diamond that weighs 1.5ct, but why not purchase a cluster diamond that weighs the same amount and makes your ring look bigger than it is? Another reason why cluster diamonds are less expensive than solitaire diamonds is that they are easier to make than solitaires and are made from the leftovers of bigger diamonds. 

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5. Find the Right Shape 

If you want your engagement to look large, you should look at complex cuts. Some cuts like the cushion shape, the Marquise, and elongated diamonds can make any size look bigger than it is. For elongated diamonds, you can consider purchasing an oval or emerald stone. These cuts look a lot bigger than the typical round or heart shape cuts because they have more shallow cuts and the main weight of the diamond is on the surface rather than underneath. 

Rather than purchase a round shape that hides the weight of the diamond under the surface, you can opt for an elongated diamond and make your ring stand out more. The Marquise cut will require some guidance from a trustworthy jeweler to help you choose the right one for you. Marquise wings have very flat wings that can make the diamond look small which is why asking a jeweler for help will make everything easier for you. However, the jeweler can help you find the best wings to make your diamond look larger. 

If you are still unsure of how to make your ring look bigger, then contact us and let our professionals at Kobelli help you. Book a call, or visit our store today!

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