How To Buy Moissanite Online?

Round Brilliant Moissanite Engagement Ring with Diamonds in 14K White Gold

Whoever has decided to buy a moissanite jewelry piece has made the wisest decision of all, because moissanite is a high-quality stone that offers the best of the fine jewelry world without putting a permanent dent in consumers’ wallets. In other words, buying moissanite jewelry means smart spending. In this informative article, the #KobelliTeam will give you a few tips on how to buy moissanite online and ensure the best shopping experience. Stay attentive!



There is no doubt that one puts a lot of thought when it comes to picking an addition to a signature collection, as there are some key factors to put into consideration. The pressure is even bigger if shopping for a piece with sentimental value,  like a moissanite engagement ring, for example. Please note that the very first thing to do is to learn the main properties of the moissanite gemstone, popularly known as the 4C’s:

1. Color

2. Clarity

3. Cut

4. Carat Size

Round Brilliant Moissanite Eternity Band in 14K White Gold


● Color

Moissanite is available in two color varieties – “near colorless” and “colorless”. The color grading of this gemstone is practically the same as diamond, with the exception that the moissanite color grading scale does not include the K-M (faint), N-R (very light) and S-Z (light) grades. Therefore, when you buy moissanite online, make sure that the stone is graded anywhere between D-F (colorless) and G-J (near colorless), as these are the unique options for classifying moissanite in terms of color. For example, Forever One moissanite comes unquestionably in the D-F color range, the same as Forever Brilliant. When moissanite is near colorless, it exudes tints of yellow, green and gray. The most important thing that any future moissanite consumer should remember is that moissanite color never fades away, no matter how long it is been since it was purchased.

● Clarity

Most of the moissanite jewelry offer on the market is eye-clean, meaning that even if the stone has some tiny inclusions, they cannot be seen with the naked eye. These inclusions may occur during the stone’s growing process, but they are not threatening to its sparkly appearance and value. Usually, moissanite’s clarity is graded as “very good” and “good” with a very little difference between both grades. Only experienced appraisers can tell the difference by using special tools, such as 10x magnification.

● Cut

Cut is one of the first things that consumers are interested in when they buy moissanite online, especially if interested in engagement rings and wedding bands. However, the thing that many consumers do not know is that cut does not only refer to the shape of the stone, but also its proportions, symmetry and polish. This is, actually, what defines how sparkly the stone will be. Moissanite is always hand-faceted in order to perceive each and every of its natural attributes. Faceting is done by expert cutters, because even the smallest flaw can affect the stone’s brilliance and overall appearance.

● Carat Size

Moissanite is, in most cases, sold by size and not by carat weight, like diamonds, for example. Therefore, a 6.5mm moissanite gem is identical to a one carat diamond. The most common moissanite sizes in jewelry are 6mm, 6.5mm, 7mm, 7.5mm and 8mm.

Forever One (Colorless) Moissanite and Diamond Engagement Ring in 14K White Gold

Forever One (Colorless) Moissanite & Diamond Engagement Ring in 14K White Gold


According to Charles & Colvard, the original creator of the moissanite magnificence, there are two more C’s that can be added here:





Each moissanite specimen has its own peculiarities, meaning that no two moissanite gems are identical. In other words, before you buy moissanite online, make sure to not make comparisons with other moissanite samples, because there will certainly be some differences even if you do not see them. However, there are three principal characteristics that all moissanites share – affordability, sustainability and singularity. To skip tradition and try something new and off-register, go “moissanite”. This is what gives the stone character and makes it a one-of-a-kind option for any taste and any occasion.


Moissanite is an ethically sourced gemstone that comes right out of the laboratory, meaning that it has no negative impact on the environment from any aspect. Often described as lab-created, eco-friendly, conflict-free and socially responsible, moissanite is absolutely a precious stone like no other. Hence, the background of his colossal popularity as the revolutionary gem that has changed the entire concept of the fine jewelry industry. As a matter of fact, this is one of the “details” that draw consumers to buy moissanite online.

Round Moissanite and Diamond Stud Earrings in 14K White Gold


Round Moissanite & Diamond Stud Earrings in 14K White Gold


There is no particular price to set as a norm once you have made a decision to buy moissanite online – the best advice we can give is to spend as much as you think without ending up in an uncomfortable financial situation. Moissanite jewelry is effortlessly beautiful and sometimes price is not the major factor that determines its value. Other significant elements play a role in the purchase, like time, effort and most important of all, the emotion put into it.


The power of moissanite is that it is universally appealing and it looks equally majestic in every metal; white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, silver, platinum – there is no difference when it comes to moissanite’s beauty. It is all a matter of personal liking and preference. The jewelry shopping practice, especially when buying an engagement ring online, is showing that silky white metals, such as silver, platinum, palladium, cobalt chrome and white gold are mostly desired for bridal jewelry, while rose gold is considered the fancy metal that trendsetters are crazy about. Yellow gold on the other hand, has always been and will most likely remain an ever-classic jewelry option for consumers with traditional taste.



To buy moissanite online also means to decide which shape you would like your stone to display. Moissanite jewelry can be found in any of the following shapes:










Recently, three other shapes have been added to the moissanite jewelry portfolio and they are already taking the market like a storm – the heart, the marquise and the trillion cut. Learn more about diamond/moissanite cuts here.


Round Moissanite Solitaire Pendant with 14K Yellow-Gold Chain

Round Moissanite Solitaire Pendant with 14K Yellow-Gold Chain



The setting is the place where the moissanite gemstone is securely nestled in, defining the style of the piece at the same time. There are plenty of settings to choose from, but we can tell that three of them are most popular for moissanite jewelry:


three stone




Jewelry designed in halo style features one larger center stone (moissanite) and an ensemble of other smaller stones surrounding it. Halo designs come as “single”-  for a more discreet look and “double” - for a more accentuated, bolder appearance. The ultimate goal of halo is to highlight the beauty and sparkle of the main stone.


As the name speaks for itself, this setting features three main stones, out of which the one in the middle is usually the largest. The stones can be sculpted in the same shape or the two side stones can have a different shape than the middle one. In some cultures, the three-stone setting in engagement rings is interpreted as the trilogy of a relationship – love, friendship and fidelity.


The solitaire jewelry piece comes with one single stone (no halo or side accents) and it is cherished as the hallmark of classic jewelry. Solitaire is all about elegance and sophistication built upon the principle of unpretentiousness. This setting is most likely chosen by consumers with traditional taste – another hint to ease your selection once you decide to buy moissanite online.


Antique Moissanite and Diamond Milgrain Bridal Set in 14K Yellow Gold

Antique Moissanite & Diamond Milgrain Bridal Set in 14K Yellow Gold



The term “size” in this case refers to both carat size and actual size of the jewelry piece. We mentioned earlier in this article that the most common sizes of faceted moissanite gemstones are 6mm, 6.5mm, 7mm, 7.5mm and 8mm. Obviously, the bigger the size, the higher the price. One of the tips we give to customers who want to buy moissanite online is to not just rely on the size of the stone, but to also put into consideration the wearer’s personal taste and expectations from the piece. Size does not always define the expensiveness of jewelry; the complexity and effort put into its design tell a lot about its worth as well.

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