How to Be Creative On Measuring Her Ring Size

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So you want to propose to your girl. You've been together for a while so you’re ready to settle down and the timing is right. But how do you get her ring size without making it obvious? You want to surprise her, so she can't catch you looking at her rings. She can't suspect a thing! Here are some sneaky ways that you can get your girl's ring size without her finding out:


• Ask a Family Member or Friend

Your girlfriend's sister or mother might know her ring size. You could even ask her best friend! This can be tricky, so just make sure that you ask someone who you know will keep the secret safe. If you are around her too much, you may have to get her friend to get her ring size for you.

They can do it while you're away together, or even when they are hanging out with her. They’ve got to be sneaky, though, so make sure you pick someone who knows how to be stealthy and won’t give away the surprise. You will want to get a measurement of the inner side of the ring, so you might need to get creative.

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Multi Diamond Baguette Cluster Half Eternity Engagement Ring


• Steal From Her Jewelry Box

Take a look at her jewelry collection and measure one of her rings while she's in the shower or at work. If she only wears one ring but hardly takes it off, you will really need to be sneaky in order to get it. If she wears it in the shower, you're going to have a hard time.


• Measure It in Her Sleep

This may sound crazy, but sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures. If she's a deep sleeper, you may be able to get it off her while she's asleep. If she wakes up, this could be a really bad way to get caught and will be completely obvious. But you will need to play it cool. If you do get it off, you don't want to risk her waking up when you try to put it back on. Leave it on the bed so she doesn't lose it. She’ll just think it fell off in her sleep.

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Diamond Vintage Engagement Ring in 14K White Gold


• Buy Matching Rings

Couples buy matching things all the time. If you have bought matching shirts or necklaces in the past, this won't seem out of the ordinary. If you go and buy rings, even if it’s cheap, you will find out her ring size that way.


• Take Her Shopping

Casually take her to a jewelry store and see if she tries on one of the rings. If she does, remember which one it was and which one fit her best. Then you can come back later to ask for the size.

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Radiant-Cut Moissanite & Diamond Engagement Ring in Platinum


• Compare Fingers

If you have no time and haven't gotten her size yet, the next time you hold hands, you can try using one of your fingers as a comparison to hers. For instance, maybe your pinky finger is the same size as her ring finger. This way, you can have at least an approximate guess for the proposal. You can always get the ring resized and it's likely that you may get the right size through comparison anyways. No big deal! She will be ecstatic either way.

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