Holiday Gift Guide for Him

Tough, bold, and daring. These are some qualities of males that are universal across all times, from the traditional to the modern man. It's not as difficult as you might imagine buying a present for men. But if you are heading down the bling alley, you should be aware of the tell-tale signs of what and what not to buy for your husband, boyfriend, dad, brother, or friend. While some guys would rather not wear jewelry, others enjoy doing so as a fashion statement.

A Little Goes A Long Way

Men are emotional beings when it comes to jewelry. They wear it because it holds meaning to them otherwise, they won’t wear it at all, unlike women who often wear it for fashion. Rings, birthstones, chain necklaces, cufflinks, and watches are mostly worn by men.

When it comes to jewelry, the general idea is to "KISS"—keep it simple and subtle—when selecting the appropriate jewelry for guys. Most men consider jewelry with so many stones or other mixed materials to be excessive. Sometimes, a straightforward style, like a solid gold signet ring, is preferable.

Size is important

Same as buying jewelry for women, the right fit matters. It saves you time with returns, adjustments, and an epic-fail gift. If you still have no idea what his size is, make sure to check out our sizing guides below.

Stone Sizing Guide

Ring Sizing Guide

Bracelet Sizing Guide

Bangles Sizing Guide

Necklace Sizing Guide

Once you are certain of the jewelry size that fits, you may visit a jeweler of your choosing who will assist you in selecting the ideal present for him. At Kobelli, our knowledgeable jewelers will assist you every step of the way!

Men and Metal Go Together

The most popular kinds of jewelry are made of gold and silver. While some guys choose to keep things low-key and use silver tones, others wear gold to indicate their social position. Others like to blend both metals and keep each component to a minimum. You still have to figure out which one best fits his personality.

If he is into gold, a moden bezel ring can match any earth tone clothing material. If he always wear black, a silver ring, for instance, will keep things monochrome. Tungsten carbide rings and two-tone metal rings are also good choices.

Function Over Fashion

Men's metal jewelry provides them with a distinct edge and personality. He wears it for expression rather than to impress. Instead of a piece with no special meaning to him, he would prefer to have a utilitarian heirloom like cufflinks, money clips, or tie clips, as well as rings like a wedding or signet rings, team or class rings.

Avoid using anything that is shiny or flashy. Instead, give him earthy-toned, natural jewelry. For guys, engravings are "in." You can get the name or initials etched on the metal by going to your jeweler.


We, at Kobelli, are always excited to make one’s dream come true. From promise rings, engagement rings, bridal sets, and fashion rings, to one-of-a-kind pieces, we have an extensive collection for you to choose from. You can even create your own ring with our interactive Ring Creator. Just create your own design and we will make it for you!

We also have a few knockout jewelry collections starting from bestsellers and new arrivals to help you decide what to give your loved one. If you are already behind schedule and running out of time, be sure to check out our ready-to-ship pieces to get your gifts in time for the holidays.

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