6 Popular Engagement Ring Trends

There is much to consider when shopping for the perfect engagement ring. The cut, style, color, and details all vary depending on the trend for the year. Although there are always the classic rings, there are brides who opt for more out-of-the-box designs. Usually, celebrities who are about to get married dictate what’s trending and what's not. Below are the biggest engagement ring trends recently:

1. Colored Gems

Diamonds are a girl's best friend, but more and more brides these days are leaning towards gems in different hues. Many Hollywood celebrities proudly show off their colored engagement rings. Rings that are made from amethysts, garnets, rubies, sapphires, and tourmalines are some of the more popular colored gemstones.


Perhaps the most famous colored ring is Princess Diana's engagement ring, which has a gorgeous sapphire as its main stone. It's now being worn by Kate Middleton, solidifying sapphire's popularity as an exquisite engagement ring option. 


2. The Halo

Princess Diana’s sapphire stunner is also a halo ring. The halo setting refers to rings with smaller diamonds surrounding a larger center diamond. The halo has always been a popular engagement ring choice because its style tends to make the center stone appear more prominent. It is also known for its versatility, and this year, more creative halo rings are seen with unique shapes and intricate details.


3. The Pear

Unconventional brides often go for stones with unique cuts rather than the traditional solitaires. A popular option is the pear-cut stone, which has been made more famous by Ariana Grande's short-lived engagement. Game of Thrones actress, Sophie Turner, also chose a beautiful pear-cut sparkler for her engagement.

4. Creative Bands

In engagement rings, the band is equally as important as the stone because it acts as the background. This year, rings with bolder and more creative designs are more widely seen. There are twisted, double, and even colored bands. Unique bands add a sense of warmth and a hint of personal touch to any sparkler. Meghan Markle's famous engagement ring has a band made of yellow gold, designed by Prince Harry himself.

5. Going Vintage

Vintage cuts have been popular among brides for their classic and iconic look. They are reminiscent of old Hollywood glam, but also exude a fresh vibe. Jessica Biel's dazzler from Justin Timberlake is a perfect example. It's a cushion-cut diamond set in blackened platinum, with two blue gemstones flanking the massive diamond in the center. It's a new design by the singer himself but looks like a timeless piece!

6. Art Deco

Art deco rings fall into the vintage category, but they have their distinct design. Inspired by the 1920s, they feature bands with geometric designs and stones in different shapes and colors. This year, art deco rings are making a comeback with brides who want to show their individuality.


Whether you're planning to propose or merely a jewelry aficionado, it's exciting to keep up with the world of gems! If you need help in choosing the perfect ring for your significant other, contact us, and our gem specialists will be here to assist you.

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