4 Engagement Ring Styles That Will Make Your Partner Say "I do!"

Engagement rings have become symbols of wealth. The bigger the stone is, the more you can flaunt it. In Ancient Egypt, a man gave a woman he intended to marry a ring to display his wealth to her family. The case of the diamond engagement ring, however, was a different story.

The first record of a diamond engagement ring was in 1477 with the Duke of Austria and his fiancée Mary of Burgundy. It wasn’t after years later that the hype of the diamond ring increased after the marketing campaign from DeBeers. It made people believe that diamonds were the only way to express great love. The phrase “diamonds are forever” became popular, and today, people from the middle class to the upper class are buying engagement rings for that reason.

Engagement rings have become objects of serious affection. It’s a symbol of dedication and the beautiful journey that the couple will make when they decide to spend their lives together.

If you’re about to propose to your significant other, you can choose an engagement ring style that carries a special meaning or something that she can appreciate and will make her say, “I do.”

Here are four different engagement ring styles you can give to your significant other that not only match her personality but will also persuade her to spend the rest of her life with you.

1. Solitaire ring - for a simple, elegant, and sophisticated woman

This ring never gets out of style, and they’re the usual designs that people think of when they hear the word “engagement.” It has a round diamond on a plain metal band. If you want to go for a classic approach, this is the ring for you. She will like it because it’s simple, yet elegant, and speaks volumes about sophistication.

2. Halo ring - for a glamorous and captivating woman

This ring is hard to miss because it stands out during the daytime, and especially at night. It also will make your fiancée look lavish even when she’s wearing sweatpants. This type of ring has more diamonds that surround the larger diamond at the center, which makes it appear bigger. The halo ring is perfect for a woman who is glamorous and captivating.

3. Non-traditional engagement ring - for a modern woman

The modern woman breaks from the bondage of tradition and seeks her own style. If you’re significant other is very much similar to such a description, get her a ring that defies tradition and norms. Make her say, “I do,” with an array of choices from a non-traditional engagement ring. There are non-diamond rings, and there’s also raw diamond rings. You can even choose a mixed gold and diamond ring stack.

4. Vintage engagement ring - for a woman with an old soul

Perhaps the most popular vintage engagement ring in this generation is the one that Prince William gave to Kate Middleton when they were engaged. It was, of course, from the late and most beloved Princess Diana and is valued at around $500,000. While it’s not nearly as expensive as Elizabeth Taylor’s, it’s still the most memorable engagement ring to date because of its simplicity and sheer beauty, which are great reminders of the legacy of the late princess. While you’re not royalty, you can give your fiancée something as significant. It’s a perfect choice if she loves history.


You simply cannot choose an engagement ring because of its monetary value. Marriage is a serious commitment. Do it right by choosing the right engagement ring that matches her personality, and that will make her say, “I do.” Nothing speaks sincerity and commitment louder than that.

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