What Kind of Jewelry to Wear for a Job Interview?

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Getting prepared for a job interview is just another special occasion where looks matter. Of course, your goal is to leave an impression that will help you get the job of your dreams and assure your employer that you are the best fit for it. Listed below are a few tips on how to accessorize your job-interview attire with jewelry.



marquise diamond solitaire ring in rose gold

Engagement rings and wedding bands are the most appropriate types of rings to wear on a job interview. If you aren’t engaged or married, you should pick a ring that is not too big or showy. Both diamonds and gemstones are accepted as long as they come in a modest number. Midi and stackable rings, on the other hand, aren’t a suitable jewelry for the occasion.



round lab grown diamond stud earrings in white goldChoose pint-sized, subtle earrings with simple design. Stud earrings are the very best option you can turn to. Pearls and diamonds, as well as gold and silver exude a note of finesse, which could help you gain extra points during your vis-à-vis conversation. You should avoid dangles and big hoops, because they can cause distraction and your interviewer might miss an important detail that is crucial for the selection.



y shaped diamond necklace in rose goldSolitaire pendants and Y-necklaces are the perfect accessories for presenting women’s elegance and keeping the professional look. Make sure the pendant of your necklace doesn’t depict anything political or some other personal convictions, because you don’t know the affiliations of the person who will be interviewing you. If you were thinking about accessorizing your neckline with layered necklaces, you better skip them as an option; they might be a massive fashion trend today but they still don’t create professional attire.



diamond square tennis bracelet in white goldBracelets are the type of jewelry you have to be most careful with. They come in so many styles that sometimes it’s very easy to make the wrong selection and leave an unexpected impression. For instance, leather wraps and stacking bangles are too casual for formal occasions. The tennis bracelet look offers just the right dose of sophistication and competence that every woman needs for her job interview. If you are still not sure which bracelet to pick, the safest option is to embellish your hand wrist with a nice watch. 


Additional Tips:

- Less is more.

- Stick to small pieces.

- Don’t wear plastic.

- Don’t look too expensive.


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