How to Choose a Wedding Band

yellow gold diamond engagement ring and a pair of wedding bands

The engagement ring you receive is usually the one your man chooses. You do not get to choose the style and color. Although you may not get the opportunity to choose your own engagement ring, you can still experience ring shopping for wedding bands!

Take your soon-to-be husband down to the jewelry shop to look for the perfect ring to commemorate your love. There’s nothing wrong with looking for the ring of your dreams, but it’s important to find one that also complements your engagement ring. If you want both rings to enhance each other, there is a way to choose a wedding ring that goes perfectly with the one already on your finger.

It’s possible to purchase engagement rings and wedding rings in sets. This way, it is easy to get a wedding ring that matches the one that your man offered on one knee perfectly. The downside, however, is that selections can be limited. Finding the perfect match for other styles require some time and effort.

Most of the time, the rings that are difficult to match are the ones that have bold designs. It can be quite a challenge to find a wedding ring that goes with an engagement ring with a strong personality. Nevertheless, we are here to help you out. Here is how you can choose the right wedding ring to complement your engagement ring:

1. Think of the fit

The fit is the first thing that you need to think about when looking for wedding rings. Before you walk into the jewelry shop, take a close look at your engagement ring. There are some engagement bands that are designed to be worn with wedding rings. If your partner just so happens to get you one of them, whether intentionally or accidentally, congratulations! Your wedding ring will sit flush without a gap.

The two bands will look like they were made to be a perfect pair. However, if the setting of your engagement ring was not created this way, don’t worry. You just have to choose a wedding band with a raised setting so that it can run alongside the bottom band without too much of a gap.


vintage bridal set
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2. Consider the style or design

Although the fit of your rings is important, you also have to consider the style and design. Some bands have an intricate design and a complex style. This type of ring tends to be put in a more prominent setting. Finding a wedding band for such a ring can be difficult. A contoured ring with a curved edge may be the best option in this case. Another option is a wedding ring that has a carved out notch for an engagement ring.

Since there are so many ring designs that you can choose from, it is best to narrow down your choices by only looking for those that compliment your engagement ring. Try to choose a wedding band that is made of the same metal, has the same diamond shape, and maintains a consistent setting style. Nevertheless, this is not the only way to enhance your engagement ring. You can also opt for a contrast to make your set pop!

3. Experiment with something new


mismatched bridal set

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Although ensuring that there are similar elements between the rings will help your set look more uniform, there’s nothing wrong with playing around with contrasting designs as well. Not everything has to be a perfect match. If your engagement band is made of white-colored metal, you can make your wedding ring pop in rose gold!

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