What to Know Before Shopping for an Engagement Ring

Engagement can be one of the most exciting and important decisions two people make. It is the commitment of a lifetime and one of the most exciting aspects of getting engaged is shopping for an engagement ring. Engagement rings will be worn for a lifetime, so it is important to understand the basics before starting the shopping process.


Understanding the Basics

There are multiple things to consider when it comes to buying an engagement ring. You’ll not only want to be thinking of your (or your partners) style, but you’ll also want to consider budget and practicality. When it comes to starting your shopping adventure, there are a few terms you’ll want to understand. One common concept you’ll come across often is the 4Cs, which are:

  • Cut—This is a grading scale that measures how well a stone has been cut; it impacts how it captures the light.
    • You might also hear the term dispersion; this refers to the ring’s ability to reflect light in a rainbow-like glow.
    • Color—When it comes to white diamonds, this is a measurement of how colorless the diamond is.
    • Clarity—This is another grading scale that determines how flawless a diamond is internally and externally.
      • With clarity, you may hear the term inclusion. This word refers to the visual appearance of internal characteristics. Inclusions are unique to each diamond and will ultimately play a factor in the overall cost.
      • Carat—This is a weight measurement that gives an idea of how large the diamond is.

      While the 4Cs are important, there are many other aspects to consider when you’re looking for that perfect ring. The shape is another important consideration, perhaps one of the most important. The shape of the ring will dictate the overall geometry of the stone. When it comes to shape, you have a variety of choices. Some popular shapes include:

      • Round—Typically one of the most sought-after shapes because it highlights a diamond’s brilliance.
      • Emerald—This shape has large facets that showcase the superb clarity of the diamond.
      • Asscher—A square emerald.
      • Cushion—This vintage style is predominantly square with round corners.
      • Princess—Another popular choice, this diamond is broad with a flat top. Its pyramidal shape makes it look larger than it is.

       Engagement Ring


      The setting is the metal framework in which a stone is mounted. There are a few different metals to choose from:

      • Platinum—This is a popular choice due to its durability. It is a pure metal, making it a great hypoallergenic choice.
      • Gold—Another great durable option with a variety of choices. Gold is available in many colors, such as white, yellow, rose, and even green!
      • Palladium is like platinum and is a popular choice.
      • Recycled—This option is growing in popularity, mainly due to the growing appreciation for sustainability.


      Ready to Shop

      Now that you understand some of the basics, the next step is to put your new knowledge to use. What ultimately matters is that you find a ring that is perfect for you and your future spouse. Your ring should make you feel beautiful and loved. If you’re ready to shop, the experienced team at Kobelli is excited to help.






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