How to Upgrade Your Engagement Ring

An engagement ring is a precious item that symbolizes a man’s love for a woman. The day a man asks his woman to marry him will not be complete without the ring. However, not all couples tend to keep the same engagement ring after years of being married. After several years, some couples decide to upgrade their rings by adding some stones or designs in the band.

There are several reasons that couples want to upgrade their engagement rings. Rings may go out of style after some time, or the ring may no longer look suitable for the person wearing it. Maybe their budget had also changed, so they can now get their dream engagement ring compared to when they got engaged when they were young.

Here are some tips on how to upgrade your engagement ring:

Add color

    Engagement rings often have diamonds with clear and white sparkle. Diamond rings remain to be the popular choice engagement rings, but when you want to upgrade them, you can add a pop of color. You can add small colored stones that will go well with the diamond, or you can get an all-new different stone. Some of the stones that have beautiful colors are emeralds, sapphires, and rubies. You can also change the color of the band from the usual plain white gold to rose gold.

    Add some sparkle

      Instead of changing the stone, you can change the band to make it look more stunning. Add some small diamonds on the band for some sparkle and dazzling effects. Swapping your band with a graceful V French-set band will add extra sparkle because it directs more light towards the center stone.

      Use a diamond ring enhancer

        You may want to keep the original shape or style of your engagement ring. In this case, you can use a diamond ring enhancer. These are rings designed to fit around the original ring. Make sure you pick one that matches your current engagement ring and blends well with it, which will make the two rings look intertwined.

        Change the setting

          When your engagement ring has been handed from generation to generation, it is likely that the setting has gone out of style. For example, you can upgrade the classic prong with a bezel. You can keep the original stone for the sentimental value and family tradition while giving the ring a new life.


          Engagement rings can be upgraded to suit your style and taste. It’s a special symbol of your love, and it’s worth to give it a new life. You and your spouse may have a long way, and reinventing your ring can symbolize that journey together. Keep these tips in mind as you decide how to upgrade, and feel free to bring out your personality and creativity. 

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