A Guide To Wearing Men’s Rings

When a man decides to do something about his style, the most common changes he makes are related to the haircut, the beard or the jewelry he wears. Yes, men also wear jewelry, but many of them do not have that inherent skill a woman has to layer her adornments in a proper and harmonious way. Trends are showing that rings are the most popular type of jewelry for men, which is the reason why we decided to give you a few tips on how men’s rings should be worn and what do they say about you as a person.


Men's Hand with a Ring on the Thumb


Maybe this is not the preferred finger to wear a ring, as it is rather seen as something odd than stylish, but doing it so definitely confirms the distinctive character of the man wearing it. The good part of wearing a thumb ring is that he is going to be perceived as a wealthy and influential person, a pair of characteristics that any man would like to own for himself. That is why men’s rings which are designed to be worn on the thumb are generally bulkier than the other ring types, so that they can ideally demonstrate those powerful meanings, including the importance of friendship in his life. This takes us to the popular “Thumbs Up” gesture, which we normally use as a sign of approval between friends and family.

Thumb rings allow to be layered with other rings on the same hand, but not the same finger. Since the thumb is a little bit separated from the other fingers, it offers the possibility of wearing multiple rings. In classic mythology, wearing a ring on the thumb is considered an indicator of authoritative personality. So, if you want to keep it bold and simple, get yourself a nice thumb ring and let it slay your style.



Men's Hand with a Ring on the Index Finger

The index finger, also known as the “pointer finger” and the “forefinger” is the most active finger of all, hence, it is the most noticeable. That is why it is very important to carefully select the ring you are going to put on your index finger, because it will leave a lasting impression about your taste and style. In terms of meaning, an index ring is seen as a symbol of leadership and power. Men’s rings worn on the index finger were extremely popular during the Art Deco era (1920’s), especially in some parts of Europe, such as France, Belgium, Spain, Italy and Poland. These rings are made with elaborate designs that often include colored gems, engravings, letters, crests and similar symbols. Most index rings are heirloom-quality (they have been previously owned by the father or the grandfather). In some cultures, men are wearing index rings to denote their social rank or marital status. In other words, this means that he either belongs to the upper class or he is still not married.



Men's Hand with a Ring on the Middle Finger

Men who want to be perceived as manly, well-balanced and considerate have their middle finger(s) adorned with a metallic ring, 99% of the time. It is an unwritten rule, but still, it is something that has been seen a lot in the common practice. Men’s rings which are designed for the middle finger are associated with the planet Saturn, thus representing the notions of balance and responsibility. These rings do look good, but that is not always the case if another ring is sitting next to them (on the index or the fourth finger). The main reason is displaying a crowded, inharmonious look. The other drawback is hindered functionality that won’t allow him to easily perform his manual tasks. If you still want to pamper your look with next-to-each-other rings, make sure they are simple, thin or simply said, minimalist.



Men's Hand with a Ring on the Fourth Finger

The fourth is definitely the easiest one to define. It symbolizes a man’s marital status - “married”. In most US countries, engaged couples wear their rings on their right fourth finger, while wearing a ring on the left fourth finger designates that they are already married. Men’s rings which are used to exchange vows with, are usually made with classic designs that feature a plain metal band crafted of gold, silver or platinum. Newest generations of men’s wedding bands are crafted of other revolutionary metals, such as tungsten, cobalt and carbon fiber.

In mythology, on the other hand, men’s rings destined for the fourth finger symbolize progress, creativity and romance. That is why they are used to mark special love-inspired milestones in life, such as an engagement or marriage. Some men wear rings on their fourth finger for plain aesthetic purposes and the truth is, there is nothing wrong with that. The look of the ring will clearly tell what is the meaning behind its use.


Statement rings are always worn on the little finger and men love them the most, because they are not associated with anything religious or cultural – they are here just to make a statement. And they do a great job in that, thanks to the intricate designs they feature, ranging from utterly vintage to eccentrically futuristic. Speaking of which, we must mention that custom designs are an extremely popular choice for men’s rings that are meant to be worn on the pinky finger. They are quite present on the red carpet too, presented by Hollywood celebrities, such as Robert De Niro, Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp and Jake Gyllenhaal. Pinky rings have the same advantage as thumb rings – they can be worn without interfering with the rings he wears on the other fingers. According to the mythological beliefs, pinky rings represent an embodiment of strong intuition, intelligence and great communication skills.



Left or right? The question that has been bothering men for so long. Which hand is the right one to wear men’s rings? Is there any particular rule or it is all just a matter of personal will and perception? Or tradition, maybe? Let’s mention wedding rings first. In the American culture, most of the population is Christian, meaning that men wear their wedding bands on their left hand – the fourth finger, more precisely. However, according to the Eastern Orthodox Church, which is also part of the Christian religion, married men should wear their wedding bands on the right fourth finger, not the left. Hence, a confusion. What is the right hand? The most sincere answer? There is not.

Unless you are not extremely traditional or religion-driven, you can wear your wedding band on whichever hand you want. This decision also includes the principle of versatility, meaning that it is better to opt for the less dominant (active) hand, so that you can prevent damaging the ring. Again, this should be your own choice, so do not hesitate to go your own way if you feel it so.


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