Ring Types

When it comes to giving someone a present or a gesture of affection, rings are at the top of the list. Regardless of the type of ring, one thing is certain, no two rings are alike in terms of design and intention. There are 3 major types of rings and each hold a significance to every stage of one’s journey through love and life. Let’s take a closer look at each type.

Engagement Rings

First stop, engagement rings. Relationships come in different stages. When two people meet, go steady and eventually plan to get married, engagement comes in and an engagement ring marks the start of the road to forever.

Engagement rings are thought to have originated in ancient Rome, where ladies are said to wear a little key as a symbol of ownership by their husbands. Then, in 1477, Archduke Maximillian of Austria commissioned the first diamond engagement ring for Mary of Burgundy, who was engaged at the time, and it has since become a thing. In Catholic faith, the so called “Rite of Bethrotal” is a commitment between two people who pledge to marry on a specific date. 

An engagement ring is often available in a single band solitaire setting with or without sidestones. Most couples, however, consider purchasing a bridal set to match the wedding band and the engagement ring. If you are unsure what to buy, it is essential to consult a trusted jeweler to assist you with your purchasing preferences. To begin, moissanite diamonds form a stunning engagement ring due to their exceptional brilliance and refractive index of 2.65 - 2.69, which is twice that of a lab-grown diamond. The moissanite engagement ring shown below precisely captures the spirit of a superbly cut round moissanite diamond center stone that may captivate an observer even from a distance.


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Wedding Rings and Bands

A symbol of devotion, a thing that seals the deal, wedding rings and bands share the most precious moment between couples –  marriage. 

Since ancient Rome, wedding rings have become a traditional inheritance. It denotes that the person who is wearing it is married. It is a Christian tradition to exchange wedding rings during the ceremony. Exchange of rings between bride and groom is customary since the 1800’sThe wedding band is typically worn on the left ring finger, while the engagement ring is worn on the right ring finger. Since the popularity of bridal sets, both the engagement ring and the wedding band are worn on the same finger, opposite the dominant hand.

Wedding rings have progressed significantly. It began with gimmel rings (two interlocking rings) in the 16th to 17th centuries, then progressed to poesy rings (with inscribed poems) during the Renaissance period, and various ring styles such as Byzantine and fede rings (two rings clasped together). Diamond wedding rings became popular in the 1940s and have been the most desired wedding rings for brides ever since.

When worn, a wedding ring represents love, commitment, respect, and attachment between couples. It can take any form, but it is always the intention that matters most. Keeping things low-key is frequently regarded as elegant and special. The Billie Bubble Band is a simple and minimalist near eternity wedding band embellished with marquise and round diamonds alternated. To complete a bridal set, stack it with other wedding bands and engagement rings.



Bridal sets are an excellent alternative for the proposer who wants an engagement ring and a matching band for the proposee at a low cost while still receiving the greatest style. With its captivating 3.9 Carats DEW on a pave halo setting decorated with 94 round lab-grown diamonds, the Riri Bridal Set provides a lovely wedding remembrance. 




Men are not very particular with something sparkly but they do like to come in style. In the mid-twentieth century, men wore wedding bands to indicate their marital status. As time advances, it has become a popular tradition for men to wear wedding bands. 

While women look stunning in sparkling engagement and wedding rings, men's bands are typically minimal, with 90% metal and 10% gemstone, such as a diamond, as a center stone. The Luke Diamond Wedding Band for Men, which features a 0.33-carat lab-grown emerald diamond in the center, is an excellent example of this band design. It represents the groom's bold and robust personality.


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Fashion Rings

Aside from engagement and wedding rings, fashion rings are a type of ring that is worn as a decorative piece to express oneself (birthstone rings) or as a keepsake marking a milestone or life event such as anniversaries, or as a symbol of commitment like promise rings. Let’s take a closer look at each fashion ring type.

Promise Rings

A promise ring is a pre-engagement ring that symbolizes two people's eternal commitment and love for each other. This is a romantic sign that effectively conveys your feelings. It can be worn on either hand's ring finger, as opposed to an engagement ring, which must be worn on the left ring finger. 

Although a promise ring may appear to be a lifelong link between two people that can never be broken, it may or may not lead to a happily ever after. It is simply a step up from getting exclusive and serves as a pre-engagement decision to remain monogamous. Promise rings are not always romantically related. It can also be utilized to keep lifelong connections together.   

Promise rings have existed since the 2nd century BC, but they gained popularity in the 16th century in England, where they began as a posy ring with engravings of names, phrases from popular poetry, or other terms of endearment.

A promise ring is typically a low-profile ring. Even keeping things simple will speak volumes. Below is an example of something straightforward but lovely.




Anniversary Bands

Anniversary rings or bands are usually presented to each other to honor the attainment of a milestone in marriage for the first, fifth, tenth, and twenty years. There are no set guidelines for anniversary rings, however bands are commonly worn to mark these important milestones. It can be worn alongside the engagement and wedding rings. It is meant to be stacked to one another as you collect these milestones. Each band does not have to be as costly as the engagement and wedding rings. The most frequent diamond anniversary bands are semi-eternal or eternal bands set with diamonds in bezel settings. The Eternal Belle Band is set in a high polish bezel with unified emerald step-cut lab-grown diamonds.


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Birthstone Rings

When asked what their happiest moment in life is, some people respond the day they were born. Birthstones are the ideal way to mark the period of one's birth. Birthstones are thought to be good luck charms and have been used for generations to inspire good fortune. Birthstones are gems used in personalized jewelry such as birthstone rings, pendants, and necklaces. Each gemstone matches to a zodiac sign and corresponds to a month in the 12-month calendar.

The oval cut gemstone below is one of the best examples of birthstone rings that really displays the beauty of the birthstone. The combination of the split shank and delicate ornamentation of round side stones truly emphasizes the raw and spectacular beauty of any gemstone as the center stone. 

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