How Did the Tennis Bracelet Get Its Name?

The tennis bracelet is a timeless piece of jewelry, and it continues to be an elegant and versatile option to accessorize with. In essence, a classic tennis bracelet features a uniform line of diamonds, all with the same exact cut, size, color, and clarity as one another. These diamonds are then set side by side until they form a flexible circle.

Over the years, creative variations of the classic tennis bracelet have been crafted. While traditional tennis bracelet diamonds are uniform, there are also modern tennis bracelets where this is no longer the case. These creative tennis bracelets may implement design flourishes, which can include diamonds of varying cuts, sizes, and shapes. Innovative settings are also becoming quite popular in these modern reimaginings of the tennis bracelet.

But, what is the history of the tennis bracelet and where did it come from?

The Eternity Bracelet

Tennis bracelets have been around for quite a long time. In fact, the earliest variation of the tennis bracelet gained popularity during the 1920s. Early on, these diamond bracelets were simply known as ‘diamond line’ or eternity bracelets—the name “eternity” referring to any jewelry that formed a circle, adorned by set gems all the way around.

So, what changed? When did this bracelet become the tennis bracelet we know today?

Chris Evert and the “First” Tennis Bracelet

It took about fifty years for the term ‘tennis bracelet’ to take form. This can be attributed to the influence of Chris Evert, a highly successful and well-known tennis player. During tournaments, this former No. 1 tennis player was known for wearing a diamond line bracelet. Evert reportedly considered this bracelet to be her good luck charm.

At the time that she first wore it out on the court, it was already a popular jewelry piece. However, Evert reinvented the bracelet in a way. Not only did the diamond line bracelet skyrocket in popularity due to Evert, but her singular influence led to its new name.

Timeline and Modern Use

Still, there are differing opinions about which match of Evert’s actually led to the bracelet’s newfound fame. Most sources will claim that this occurred during the 1987 U.S. Open, when the bracelet fell off of Evert’s wrist during a game. She had to stop the match, in order to search for her bracelet. Recent claims suggest that this event actually occurred during the 1978 U.S. Open.

Either way, the tennis bracelet prevails as a popular item of jewelry. The high versatility of this bracelet is appealing and has allowed it to effortlessly adapt to changing fashions. Plus, tennis bracelets are flexible and durable—features that have contributed to their long-lasting popularity.

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