Anniversary Rings

Most people are familiar with engagement rings and wedding bands. These pieces of jewelry are fairly standard in most weddings, and many married couples partake in this tradition when they tie the knot. These rings symbolize the beginning of a commitment to one another, as well as the actual commitment. However, there is a third type of ring that many people aren’t so familiar with: the anniversary ring. These rings are usually exchanged on significant milestone anniversaries. 

Though no one really needs an excuse to buy jewelry, anniversary rings have a romantic history and significant symbolism that inspire a lot of people to partake in this tradition. 

Anniversary Rings

Marriage is a Journey

One of the biggest things that an anniversary ring represents is the tenacity and resilience of love. When you get engaged and married, your relationship is soaked in anticipation, excitement, and optimism. 

As life continues, marriage is an evolving journey. As budget balancing, home repairs, and life’s realities begin to settle in, marriage can become complicated. An anniversary ring is a symbol that you made it through to the other side. Your love is strong and lasting, and the added ring reflects your commitment.


When you’ve been married for some time, it’s a good idea to check in with yourself and with your partner to be sure that you’re still on the same path. In doing this, many people realize that they would make the exact same commitment now as they did when they got married. An anniversary ring symbolizes recommitment, and that even at this phase of your life, you still love and cherish each other.

Egyptian Symbolism

Anniversary rings are a type of Eternity Ring, which was a tradition in ancient Egypt. 4,000 years ago, Egyptians would give one another rings as signs of their unyielding and unending love. Anniversary rings symbolize the eternity of your love for your spouse and honors this ancient tradition. You can show reverence for your relationship’s longevity by acknowledging where you’ve been, while also looking forward to your future ahead.

Anniversary Rings

Where Do I Wear an Anniversary Band?

Many people like the idea of an anniversary ring, but don’t know how to wear it. Usually, an anniversary ring is a band style ring, perhaps with diamonds perhaps without. While the wedding ring is typically worn underneath the engagement ring, an anniversary ring is worn above. The anniversary and wedding bands typically surround the engagement ring on either side. This is a physical representation of how your love is growing and expanding as time passes.

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