7 Most Popular Engagement Ring Settings - Our Guide

There are various engagement ring styles readily available in the market today. Each style typically varies based on appearance and its characteristics. You’ll be able to find styles that are simple, light, and elegant, which are ideal for a woman who likes things simple while there are more eye-catching ones perfect for women with vibrant personalities.

Even before considering buying an engagement ring, it pays to know the different styles of rings available in stores. That said, here are seven most popular styles:

  1. Prong

A prong is the most common and classic setting that features a tiny metal claw that tightly holds the diamond. Prongs typically come in pointed, rounded, flat, or V-shaped, and they come with four or six prongs. The four-prong setting puts more emphasis on the diamond while a six-prong setting is more secure. Nevertheless, prongs elevate the diamond that allows for lighting to pass through it, which increases the stone’s brilliance and sparkle.

  1. Bezel

A bezel setting is also one of the most popular engagement ring settings. Its modern look suits women who typically have a more active lifestyle. Know that it typically comes in two settings - full and partial. Full bezel surrounds the diamond while the partial bezel has the sides open.

In this setting, the diamond is held by the bezel that encircles the stone along with a metal rim custom-made to secure it in place.

  1. Channel

As another popular setting, the channel allows for smaller diamonds in a row into the ring band. This type of setting is also a popular choice for wedding bands. This is because it secures and protects the diamond and enhances the sparkle with the side stones along with the band.

  1. Flush

Also known as a gypsy setting, the diamond is drilled into a hole in the band of the ring. It’s a popular wedding band choice, especially for men. Active individuals can highly benefit from this type of ring as it provides a sleek and polished look. It’s one of the most practical engagement style settings that will be suitable for many people.

  1. Tension

In this setting, the diamond is held in place by the tension of the metal band, which makes it look like the stone is suspended between the two sides of the shank. If you’re looking for a unique engagement ring, then this setting style will be an excellent choice. With minimal metal that surrounds the diamond, it will also enhance light reflection.

  1. Cluster

This setting is called cluster because of the clusters of stones that are bound together to make it look like a giant diamond. A cluster setting has plenty of texture and dimension that adds uniqueness to it. Cluster-style engagement rings are ideal for women with smaller hands and fingers.

  1. Eternity

Eternity setting is more popular for women’s wedding bands. This, however, is also commonly used for engagement rings. This type of setting adds a sparkle that surrounds the entire finger, and it pairs well with other rings.

Now that you know the most popular engagement setting styles, get ready to shop for the perfect ring that will match your personality and your style. Keep in mind that the ring setting is the foundation of the whole ring design, so choose wisely!

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