3 Reasons Why Engagement Rings Cost More Than Wedding Rings

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If you’re planning to tie the knot, you would know that the engagement ring is one of your most prized investments. It will also become your fiancée’s greatest possession.

In preparation for your engagement ring budget, it helps to get to know the details of what entails an excellent engagement ring. What makes the engagement ring so different from the wedding ring to make it more expensive? Read on to check out the top three reasons why an engagement ring costs more than wedding rings.

1. Engagement rings have a diamond at the center.

Engagement rings have an impressive center that usually consists of diamonds. The higher the carat weight it has, the bigger the amount it displays on the price tag. The price can also increase depending on the size and quality of the main stone. The engagement ring can become even more expensive if it’s made with more expensive metal, such as palladium or platinum.

The center design is what makes an engagement ring different from a wedding band. Wedding bands have a simple design that may have no stones traditionally. The simple band is typically the case since it is ideal for day-to-day use. Some couples do add embellishments where it is usually limited to a line of small diamonds or just two or three.

2. Engagement rings have more intricate designs.

Engagement rings are more expensive because they feature more intricate designs. Unlike a standard set of wedding bands, engagement rings are designed with beautiful settings such as cathedral mounting or pave accents. The more intricate the design, the higher the cost it takes to compensate its craftsmanship. The price will also increase depending on the materials used to create the style.

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3. Engagement rings need to impress your fiancée.

Engagement rings are more expensive because they are meant to impress your fiancée. The design of your engagement ring can make or break your proposal. Your intended fiancée will be wearing what you chose for her to display to the entire world. It is the one crucial detail that you need to highlight when asking a woman’s hand for marriage. It represents how much you appreciate the one you intend to marry.

Although it need not be the most expensive of all rings, it must have a look that complements the uniqueness and beauty of your loved one. It shows how much you know about your fiancée. You can choose from a variety of styles and materials, depending on what looks best on her. You can select tungsten or topaz embellishments or the classic diamond solitaire. You can also opt for other stones and metals that will equally look sophisticated.


Your budget for an engagement ring must be considerably higher than a wedding ring. It is more than a symbol of your bond as a couple, as it is more of a special gift for your fiancée. While giving a wedding ring is more of an act of tradition, offering an engagement ring is a grand gesture of romance. Giving a ring with a well-planned proposal is one of the most romantic events that can happen between a couple. It is an event that symbolizes the first time that one decides to take the leap of faith and finally tie the knot.

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