10 Fairytale Rose Gold Engagement Rings You Must See

Rose gold has emerged as the most popular jewelry trend recently and it is quite promising to not leave the scene. For now it is still trendy, but the way things are going, we have no doubt that it will turn into a classic jewelry option in the next couple of years. The beauty of rose gold is that it is the most subtle way to express a woman’s femininity and it can suit different types of skin tones as well. Keep scrolling to see Kobelli’s most romantic rose gold engagement rings that are sure to reach your heart.


We understand if you need a few seconds to put yourself together after seeing this stunning beauty gathered in a split-shank design of 14 rose-gold karats. Looking at this ring is surely a unique experience, but can you possibly imagine what happens to your mind and body when having it on your finger? 

The Kunzite center is beyond lovely with its lavender hues that cannot fit better than in a gorgeous oval shape. Being set among four double-claw prongs, the center gem is stealing the show with another 56 round white-diamond accents that form split rows of dazzling sparkle. 

oval kunzite and diamond ring


Diamonds in marquise cut are among the most sumptuous precious stones ever, so this is exactly what you will get by accepting this ring as a ring that signifies enduring love and unquestionable commitment. 

The elongated boat shape of the marquise-cut diamond is also responsible for giving rose gold engagement rings a special flair of nobility, reminiscent of Victorian aristocracy when life was all about wealth, beauty and prestige. 

Kobelli designers gave this fabulous ring smooth curved lines that perfectly fit the finger, by also providing with it a feel of ease and comfort. The ring is labeled “14K rose gold” and it is featuring a cutting-edge bright matte finish.

marquise diamond rose gold engagement ring


Another huge reason why modern women are clamoring for rose gold engagement rings is that they can be given priceless designs dating from days long gone, but forever remembered. 

This ring has a special hold on the heart of women who want to skip the traditional look and go for something more “off-register”. There is a ravishing 1-carat moissanite center in round cut that stands proudly and firmly among delightful floral petals embellished with small diamond accents. 

But, the magic does not stop here. The fact that this engagement ring is made with 14K rose-gold milgrain beading truly makes it look like heirloom jewelry or better said, a genuine sample of fine jewelry art. Would you agree?

antique floral diamond engagement ring


The flavor of rose gold engagement rings includes sweetness, femininity and gorgeousness, all in the same quantities. 

Well, this round diamond engagement ring is indeed a 14K rose-gold one and it will update your entire look with its delicate, idyllic lure that you will love the most. 

It is showcasing three round diamond centers that signify the past, the present and the future, so there is no more symbolic jewelry piece to get engaged with than this one. 18 smaller diamond accents are here to support this ring’s elegance and make it a radiant timepiece.

three stone round diamond engagement ring


You say that this is an awe-inspiring diamond ring? Fair enough, and we say that you will love every nook and cranny of it if you decide to make it your ultimate engagement-ring pick. As you already know, cushion-cut diamonds do a great job in magnifying the appearance, so this Kobelli ring is designed for the admirers of opulent jewelry.

Being nicely framed in a double-claw prong setting, the pillow-like diamond center is shimmering with the same lustrous vibes as the other 55 round diamonds that form a spectacular halo and continue to twinkle along the rose-gold band. This ring is a real inspiration for a fairytale proposal and you must agree with that!

cushion diamond rose gold engagement ring


Have you heard about “50 shades of rose gold”? No, it is not a book or movie, it is something that you will experience when browsing the offer of rose gold engagement rings. Rose gold comes in many nuances that give jewelry artisans an array of opportunities to combine them with diamonds and precious stones in order to achieve the best and the most lustrous designs.

The single round diamond that is decorating this ring is sitting in 14K vibrant rose gold that electrifies the wearer. Beyond any shadow of doubt, this cute ring is an outstanding sparkler, even with one precious stone. It is an adornment that makes a lady stand out in the crowd and be admired for having such a subtle and modern taste. Do you want to be that lady? If so, get this adorable ring ASAP to start enjoying in the new version of yourself.

solitaire diamond petite ring


When it comes to the design of this beautiful engagement ring, many of our customers consider it a “tricky” one, because it looks like a solitaire, but it is not. The “solitaire” part goes to the plain 14K rose gold band that features no accent gems at all, while the clustered halo makes the center of the ring as if adorned with a single large stone. 

The truth is, the ring has a total of 33 precious stones, which makes a small piece of dazzling sky for the lady that will wear it. The domed bead prong diamond halo is definitely “the feature” that makes this piece one of the most desired rose gold engagement rings in our new collection. 

rose cut cluster engagement ring


There is no denial that this diamond engagement ring has the “wow” factor, harmonized with lots of sophistication. Being passionately made out of 14K rose gold, this “Chantilly” ring is showcasing a charming diamond center in impeccable princess shape that is radiating rays of glamour from a shimmering white-gold prong setting. 

The center stone is escorted by a collection of 14 smaller round diamonds arranged on both sides of the band. All in all, this ring is clean, fresh and colorful and you have no excuses to not admire its romantic rose-gold appeal.

princess diamond rose gold engagement ring


Yes, this ring is definitely in-theme with its lavish design that is transforming a girl into a fairytale princess. You deserve to feel “that special” on the day he will ask you hand and this is the ring that will easily help you realize that. 

Why this is not like the other rose gold engagement rings? The answer lies in its high-set mounting, which makes the stones look like shining stars dazzling from the roof of a castle. 

How magical this could be? Moreover, the delicate engravings in 14K rose gold gave this ring an extra note of enchantment, so here you go – you have 11 prong-set diamonds and lots of flamboyance to spice up your engagement with.

round diamond rose gold engagement ring


For those who are looking for the latest production of our designers’ imagination, creativity and expertise – get yourself introduced with the engagement ring that is considered “ a serious favorite”. 

Almost the entire surface of this mesmerizing ring is embossed with U-shaped prongs, known in the jewelry world as great promoters of a stone’s luster and visibility. Just imagine yourself pampered with 33 precious stones in U-prong setting – there is simply no way to pass unnoticed wherever you appear. 

The center role is entitled to a spectacular moissanite center classified as “Forever One”, which is just as sparkling as your engagement with this ring will be. 

8 prong rose gold engagement ring

Which one of these rose gold engagement rings is your favorite? We would be happy to hear your opinion, so don't hesitate to leave us a comment in the box below. Thanks for stopping by! 




All of them are so beautiful. They are perfect for engagements and proposals.

Roelavi August 09, 2022

An engagement ring is a very personal and treasured piece of jewelry for any person. I really love diamonds, but way out of my budget, and moissanite rings are really affordable giving all the feels, just like a diamond.

Daisy Morgan September 21, 2021

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