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Gemstone Rings

Oval Peridot and Diamond Ring 4 4/5 Carat (ctw) in Silver with 14k White Gold Plated Silver

Regular Price: $1,125.00

Special Price $530.00

The combination of prong and bezel setting makes a tantalizing combo that delivers eye-popping pieces of jewelry, like the gorgeous Oval Peridot and Diamond Ring, made out of 14-karat white-gold plated silver. The oval-cut peridot gem settled in the center of the band looks like a real ‘under-the-sea-treasure’ with its lovely green allure and perfect polish that make this ring glitter from all sides and all angles.

Cushion-cut Peridot & Diamond Accent Ring 2 Carat (ctw) in Silver 14k White Gold Plated

Regular Price: $600.00

Special Price $289.00

Love at first sight. That is what the Cushion-Cut Peridot and Diamond Accent Ring in 14K gold-plated silver embodies in its intergalactic beauty and sparkling appearance. The pleasing peridot stone with vivid green tones creates a dainty effect that makes this ring a spectacular one. You can use this diamond-accent ring as a jewel of promise, engagement or as an up-to-the-minute fashion gadget. The choice is all yours!

Cushion-cut London Blue Topaz and Diamond Engagement Ring 2 1/3 Carat (ctw) in Silver with 14k Plated

Regular Price: $390.00

Special Price $190.00

The sky-blue topaz, cherished as one of the most crowd-pleasing semi-precious stones on Earth, makes the perfect accompaniment for a meritorious engagement ring, just like our Cushion-Cut London Blue Topaz and Diamond Engagement Ring, fashioned out of 14K gold-plated silver of unmatched quality. This enthralling engagement ring with sparkling diamond accents is designed to be your best-loved piece of jewelry to eternity. Go for it!

Emerald-cut Orange Citrine and Diamond Ring 2 5/8 Carat (ctw) in Silver with 14K Gold Plating

Regular Price: $630.00

Special Price $300.00

Handsome and fashionable as it is, the marvelous Emerald-Cut Orange Citrine and Diamond Ring crafted in lustrous 14k gold-plated silver is a special piece of treasury in our engagement-ring portfolio. It is said that carrying the power of the sun, citrine is a stone of prosperity and success. Therefore, choosing this ring for your proposal will indeed ensure touching and everlasting love vibes.