What Signet Rings Reveal About Men

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If you were thinking that it is just women who understand the perks of wearing authentic jewelry accessories, you were wrong. Men have also realized that there is no easier and more effective way to distinguish themselves from the crowd than with a nice work of jewelry art, which at the same will tell a lot about their personality and style. Signet rings are indeed one such, seen as a signature jewelry that helps men being effortlessly noticed and remembered. Let’s find out more about this particular men’s ring style in the lines that follow.



You will agree that a signet ring has a kind of “aristocratic” look, hence, it is no surprise why it has been spotted on the fingers of eminent gentlemen, ranging from Frank Sinatra and Prince Charles to Bruno Mars and Guy Ritchie. So, would it be wrong to say that signet rings have always been a symbol of wealth and high social standing? Absolutely not. However, their significance has slightly changed in the modern jewelry world and this is the perfect occasion to discover how and why. This is how the story began.


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In Ancient Egypt (3100 BC), the earliest form of the signet ring was developed with the sole purpose to seal documents. Therefore, antique documents that needed to be “branded” with the Pharaoh’s signature were sealed with a signet ring that the ruler of the Dynasty wore on his writing hand. The ring’s design featured his signature engraved in the metal, which was also perceived as a symbol of his ultimate power. Yellow gold was the commonly used metal for handcrafting these rings, because its color was treasured as the one that matches the most with the Pharaoh’s ornate garments.

Further in history, the design of the signet ring has been modified and sophisticated, so men started falling for both its look and significance. In a society full of illiterate people, these rings could be only seen glistening on the hands of monarchs, officers and merchants. Men with the lowest social rank were not allowed to wear them; they could not afford buying a signet ring anyway. On the other hand, rich and powerful men considered this piece of jewelry necessary to denote their prominence in the society. However, there has been a shift in the popularity of signet rings, so today they are less likely needed to express a man’s wealth or power. But, they got another meaning, again.



That is right, the rich and abundant history of the signet ring helped it introduce a new trend in the world of men’s fashion, by putting a stronger accent on its beauty, rather than significance. The revolution started during the 1800s when signet rings got another usage, the one of heirloom jewelry. Thus, after the death of the owner, the ring was handed down through the next family generation (son or grandson), a tradition that contributed a lot in transforming the signet ring into a precious piece of jewelry treasury. And this is how the idea of the custom signet ring appeared too. People wanted to leave an eternal hallmark on the jewelry they wear, so they started asking their jewelers for custom designs that will include elements of personal significance. In most cases, it is a question of numbers, letters and symbols.  


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When it comes to the world of men’s fashion and jewelry, the signet ring has been incorporated into the definition of the modern gentleman. Hence, the man who is wearing a signet ring is said to have an elevated style based upon sophistication and refinement. Signet rings are not only accepted as a fashion standard, but the demand for them is increasing day by day. Fashion critics say that they are going to be the best-selling men’s jewelry in 2018, in addition to men’s wedding bands which hold a whole new meaning and use.

You might be wondering what particular jewelry style the signet ring belongs to. The typical answer to this question is “vintage”, although it cannot be considered an official classification, because a signet ring can be given any type of look, whether a vintage of a contemporary one. The conclusion? It is a matter of preference of both the jeweler and the consumer. As for the price, be prepared to hear that signet rings are not a cheap investment, mostly because of their complex design that is usually made by hand.


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