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Why To Choose Apatite As One Of A Kind Gemstone Jewelry?

Round Blue Gemstone Solitaire Engagement Ring

“The Great Pretender”, an eminent expression that embodies the meaning of something mysterious and powerful. No, it is not a book, song or movie that these three words will be referred to this time, it is the most electrifying and deceiving gem of all – apatite. Stay with us to discover little-known facts about this precious stone and the reasons why it should be your top pick for one of a kind gemstone jewelry.



Obviously, the very first question that comes to the reader’s mind is “What is apatite?” and that question is often followed by another one “Why is it called a deceiving gem?” Let’s start from the beginning. Apatite belongs to a special group of phosphate minerals, which are found in abundance in nature and are also present in the human body (in the structure of teeth and bones).  Basically, apatite is a prodigious source of phosphorus that finds a great use in the industry too, especially in the production of chemical products, fertilizers and acids.

But, why “the pretender”? Apatite occurs in a kaleidoscope of colors, hence, it is often confused with other types of colored gems – peridot, fluorite, topaz and aquamarine mostly. In other words, it imitates these gems’ chemical composition. Even the actual name of the stone is a word of Greek origin (“apatao”), which literally means “to deceive”. The most popular apatite colors are: neon blue, petrol blue, greenish-yellow and deep purple. All these shades are alluring and distinctive on their own, so it is not a surprise why apatite is an enormously recommended and desired gem for making one of a kind gemstone jewelry. There is also a transparent (colorless) variety of apatite, but it is extremely rare and soft, therefore, it is not used for jewelry purposes.


Raw Apatite Gemstones

Raw Apatite Gemstones


Apatite is not the hardest existing precious stone on the planet - it scores a “5” grade on the Mohs scale of hardness. It is sensitive to heat, so it requires a special maintenance. However, the vitreous luster of apatite is beyond outstanding and in addition to the remarkable rainbow of colors in which it appears, this is the second major reason that is alluring customers toward it. Inclusions are very common when it comes to this particular gemstone, but they are visible to the naked eye only in large-size apatites.

When it comes to shapes and cuts, apatite is a colored gem that looks amazing in any of them. Most apatite gemstones are faceted into the so-called traditional shapes (round brilliant, cushion and emerald), whereas those fashioned in fancy cuts exhibit higher prices which are not suitable for everyone’s budget. Natural apatite gemstones are usually untreated. The practice is showing that only blue and green apatites are heat-treated if it is necessary to enhance or improve their color appearance.



Another reason that contributes to the international popularity of apatite is that it is a wide-spread gemstone which can be found in practically every corner of the world. The largest deposits of apatite are located in Brazil, Burma, Madagascar, East Africa, Russia, Canada, Sweden and Mexico. In the past few years, Spain has became one more significant source of apatite, specific for offering gems with an authentic yellowish-green color. Therefore, the Spanish apatite is also known as the “asparagus stone”. The captivating neon-blue color of apatite is vastly found in Madagascar and it is considered the biggest rival of the Paraiba tourmaline. Exuberant neon-blue sounds indeed like a spectacular idea for one of a kind gemstone jewelry, wouldn’t you agree?


Raw Apatite Three-Stone Handcrafted Ring

Raw Apatite Three-Stone Handcrafted Ring


As previously mentioned, apatite is a relatively soft gem (rated 5 on the Mohs scale of hardness), so it takes quite a skill and knowledge to work with it and transform it into a spellbinding work of art. However, the most important thing to know is that achieving this is not impossible. Apatite can be mostly seen in ring designs and in the lines that follow, you will discover how an expert jeweler employs this gemstone’s full potential and creates a real specimen of one of a kind gemstone jewelry.

Since the surface of apatite is extremely vulnerable, the jeweler applies a slice of rock crystal on the top of the gem. If this slice is faceted, it will give the gem’s head a delicate look accompanied with an impressive effect of brilliance. Underneath the stone, the jeweler applies an additional thin slice of mother-of-pearl, which will be responsible to radiate an extraordinary iridescence. Basically, the entire layering process looks like a triple-decker sandwich in which the apatite gemstone is holding the middle position.

If the jeweler does not know how to deal with the softness of apatite, he/she will probably not be able to obtain the desired results in terms of attractiveness and functionality of the piece. The same rule applies to the wearer of apatite jewelry – if not taken care of properly, this one of a kind gemstone jewelry will soon lose its magnificent beauty and luster that distinguish it from the other colored gems.


Peacock Apatite Bracelet with Abalone

Peacock Apatite Bracelet with Abalone



Much to your surprise, apatite is appreciated as an extremely spiritual precious stone, which apart from making awe-inspiring jewelry adornments, it also brings the wearer an array of other benefits. For instance, wearing this stone is believed to help you realize your projects and it will take your communication skills to a whole new level. If you need an emotional or mental balance, this is the right gemstone to turn to. Motivation and enthusiasm are significantly accentuated in the person who owns an apatite jewel, as this gemstone is known for removing the negative energy from the body.

The healing properties of apatite come in a large number too. Since the gem itself is mainly composed of phosphorus, it will improve the calcium-absorption system of the body, thus strengthening the bones and teeth. Arthritis and hypertension are other conditions that can be easily treated with apatite. As you can see, apatite is a remarkable, multi-purpose stone that totally deserves to become a part of your precious personal collection of one of a kind gemstone jewelry. If you have personally experienced its magic, leave us a comment and share your thoughts with the rest of the Kobelli community.


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