Where To Go And What To Do This 4th Of July?

4th of July Celebration

Another 4th of July is on its way, announcing an avalanche of fireworks, barbecues, picnics and other similar reunions accompanied by some good, patriotic music. Celebrated as one of the greatest days in the history of the United States, the fourth is a holiday that every proud American should give a special tribute, but the biggest dilemma is – HOW? Each year there are so many beautiful outdoor events taking place all around the country that make it hard to decide where and how to spend the Independence Day. Here are a few Kobelli recommendations to bear in mind in case you need some.




Macy’s Fourth of July Fireworks - Long Island City

If you live in or near NYC, make sure to find yourself a spot at some of the numerous parks and rooftops to see the most fabulous fireworks display in the whole country – the Macy’s. It is, undoubtedly, a one-of-a-kind pyrotechnic show that gives an unforgettable view of the NYC’s skyline. Bring a loved one with you to experience soul-stirring moments of pure patriotism multiplied by two. It could be a friend, a relative or your soulmate. Either way, it is going to be an amazing half an hour spent with your eyes fixed on the East River’s sky.

WHEN? ⇢ Wednesday, July 4, 9:25pm

WHERE? ⇢ Anywhere between 24th and 41st St, New York City.




Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest

Treating yourself to a well-stuffed hot dog is a great way to pay tribute to the country’ independence, because this yummy meal tastes so patriotic and traditional, especially if made in a real New York style (topped with tomato paste and spicy brown mustard). For those who have not known yet, the hot dog originally comes from Germany, but as soon as it was brought to American soil, it has become one of the most popular fast-food choices of all time. If you want to taste the best spicy-brown-mustard-topped hot dog in your life, this 4th of July you have the opportunity to go to Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, which is by the way, a traditional event that has been taking place in the Big Apple for more than a century. Those who truly trust in their eating skills, can even participate in the contest, where the ultimate goal is to eat as many hot dogs as possible in ten minutes. And if you think that only men feel ready to take the challenge, you are wrong. The $40,000 prize seems yummy enough to increase the appetite of women too.

WHEN? ⇢ Wednesday, July 4, 10am – 2pm.

WHERE? ⇢ Nathan’s Flagship restaurant at 1310 Surf Avenue, Coney Island.





Pacific Palisades Fourth of July Parade

Are you more like in a festival mood? Is this how you want to spend this year’s Fourth of July? Then head to LA’s Palisades Parade to feel the Americanism at its finest. While being  there, you can meet other proud patriots, like yourself, including fellow veterans who have selflessly contributed in making the country free and independent. You will also enjoy in observing a festive parade of marching trombonists and baton twirlers as a regular or a VIP visitor with a grandstand seating. On July 4, the Pacific Palisades is a place to spend an amazing day with your beloved ones, enriched with skydivers, fireworks, concert and a traditional cross-country run.

WHEN? ⇢ Wednesday, July 4, 6:00pm

WHERE? ⇢ Palisades Charter High School, 5777 Bowdoin St, Los Angeles.




AmericaFest Rose Bowl

To see all classic American things in one place, you need to mark your presence at the Rose Bowl Stadium, where your entire day and night will be colored in white, red and blue only. And that sounds like a pretty good idea, right? AmericaFest is a wonderful happening to be at, especially if you want to bring your kids with you, because it offers an abundance of games and crafts to keep their attention and make them happy. The program starts in the early afternoon and ends in the evening, meaning that spending your 4th of July there will be definitely worth your while. Each year, thousands of visitors are attending this fantastic event and if truth be told, their program is getting better and better. This year, America Fest is going to celebrate its 92th anniversary, by hosting some extraordinary performers, including 2018 American Idol Winner, Maddie Poppe. Simply said, it will be a gig to remember and you surely do not want to miss it, do you?

WHEN? ⇢ Wednesday, July 4, 2:00pm

WHERE? ⇢ 1001 Rose Bowl Dr, Pasadena, CA 91103




Taste of Chicago

Wondering where you can find sensational food and music in one single place? The answer is Chicago, the city of the big shoulders. Those who call themselves “gourmands” and will be in the area at this time of the year, must attend the Taste of Chicago event to have a bite of the local restaurant’s most popular dishes. Thus, “The Taste of Chicago” menu offers a myriad of food styles, ranging from delicious cheesecakes to empanadas and pierogies. The smell of grilled meat in the air will spice up things a little bit more, intertwining with the genuine smell of the Chicago summer. While waiting for your dish or savoring it, you will enjoy in the festive beats of popular bands and solo artists, such as the Flaming Lips, George Clinton and Brandi Carlile that will be there to make your Fourth of July unforgettable. The Taste of Chicago is a four-day event, so you have the freedom to buy tickets for a program at your preference.

WHEN? ⇢ July 11-15

WHERE? ⇢ Grant Park, 337 E Randolph St, Chicago, IL 60601





Northwest Fourth Fest

There is no better way to prepare for the Taste of Chicago fever than by attending one more spectacular happening in the area, called the Northwest Fourth Fest. Taking place at the Sears Centre Arena, the Northwest Forth Fest is a must-see for those living in the Chicago suburbs. The best thing about it? It lasts the entire weekend, starting from the 4th of July. Featuring plenty of food and beverage stands, concerts, parades, carnival rides for kids of all ages, there is one more special thing that the Northwest Forth Fest is well-known about. It is the state-of-the-art computerized fireworks display that is as hypnotizing as the Macy’s fireworks in New York City. So, if you opt for spending an enthusiastic 4th of July weekend with friends and family, get in the car and drive to the 11,000-seat Sears Centre Arena.

WHEN? ⇢ July 4 – 8

WHERE? ⇢ 333 Prairie Stone Pkwy, Hoffman Estates, IL 60192

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