When & Where Not To Wear Your Bridal Set Ring

Woman Taking Off Her Bridal Set Ring

When you are recently married, you are more than excited to show off the beauty of your bridal jewelry as much as you can and that is completely understandable. The big challenge is to maintain it in a good condition for many years to come, because this is the ultimate token of everlasting love you have committed to with your significant other. Although your fourth finger is “the place to be” for your sparkling bridal set ring, there are certain cases when you need to take it off, so that you can avoid the risk of damaging or losing it (in the worse-case scenario).


Quick moves might be doing a pretty good job to your body, but not your jewelry. The sweat can affect the shine and quality of the metal, which would cause practically the same damage as abrasive chemicals. Please note that many of the materials used in jewelry making are soft to a certain degree and they couldn’t take the acidity of sweat in the long run. The other major risk factor of wearing your bridal set ring while doing your workouts is the physical damage. At the gym, there is a lot of iron to stumble on, you know it. So, if somehow your engagement ring and wedding band get face to face with iron bars and weights, don’t be surprised if you end up with a bent ring or a broken diamond.

Broken Ring Made of Gold
Broken Yellow-Gold Wedding Band

Even though diamonds are known as the hardest naturally occurring substance on the planet, it doesn’t mean  they can never break or at least, chip. On the other hand, a single diamond costs a small fortune, so taking it to the gym is definitely not worth the risk of putting your hard-earned money in peril. The same rule applies to working out and playing sports in the outdoors. Apart from damaging your jewelry, you can eventually lose it for good, especially while rock climbing. What is even worse, you can realize that you have lost it once it is too late for any contemplation or regret. Save yourself from this headache by leaving your wedding ring sets at home before hitting the gym or nature’s wilderness.


Taking a shower with your bridal jewelry is one of those personal rituals that shouldn’t be part of your common practice. Why? Because, first of all, it might slip off your soapy fingers and end up in some of the city’s water pipes, if there is no plug to retain it. The second inconvenience are shampoos, conditioners and body scrubs threatening to dull the high-polish finish of your forever-to-be bridal set.

Washing Hands With Soap and Water

Washing Hands With Soap and Water



This is another watery experience to avoid when it comes to protecting the jewelry that has a special significance for you and your hubby. You might think “Oh, it is not such a big deal if I drop my bridal set ring in the pool, because eventually, it will be found. It is not as if I will lose it in an open sea, though.” Correct. You will find it, eventually. But, how long the pursuit will take and how much effort you will have to put into it? Also, did you forget that there is an enormous quantity of chlorine in the swimming-pool water, which can do quite a damage to your precious jewelry? Darkening and discoloration are at the top on the list of consequences, so you better reconsider the option of soaking your expensive metals (ex. yellow and white gold) into a high concentration of chlorine.


There is not much to explain here – if you lose your big bauble in the sand desert or the mighty water, you can kiss it goodbye. As simple as that. Even if you don’t lose it, you will have a hard time in cleaning it after, because grains of sand will enter the delicate parts (engravings or milgrain edging) of your bridal set ring’s design. The last thing you want to do is to “polish” the stone with sunscreen in order to “enhance” its luster.

Engagement Ring Lost in the Sand

Engagement Ring Lost in the Sand



Preparing something delicious in the kitchen? Washing a bunch of dishes? Cleaning the bathroom? Vacuuming the living room? Mowing the lawn or washing the car on a Sunday afternoon? Here is the thing – before performing any of these activities, take off your bridal set. You do not want it to get accidentally chipped, scratched, bent or discolored, especially if it is adorned with colored gemstones. They are said to be more prone to discoloration and erosion than diamonds. Just pay attention where you leave your jewelry when taking it off. The safest and easiest place to be left and found is, of course, your jewelry box. Another increasingly popular trend are jewelry dishes that can be placed in each room, for a quick access. They work as decorative elements too.


Applying beauty products, such as hairsprays, perfumes, lotions and makeup can create a residue build-up in the rings’ design over time. Some of them that contain acids and abrasive chemicals can discolor and weaken them, just like cleaning products or chlorine, for which we talked a few lines earlier. In order to keep your bridal set ring in an impeccable shape, put it on once you have finished with your daily/nightly beauty routine.

Woman Taking Off Her Earrings
Taking Off Earrings Before Applying Makeup


This time, it is not for your bridal jewelry’s sake, but your own that you will have to remove it before going to sleep. The reason is simple and obvious – you don’t want to get hurt (scratched) by any of the stones, especially if they are sitting in a high-set mounting. Bridal set rings that are featuring sharp edges can be also tricky when it comes to this matter, so if you want to ensure yourself a comfortable sleep and a pleasurable waking up, you better take off your jewelry before hitting the soft pillow.


Bridal jewelry is not seen or treated like the other pieces of jewelry, such as fashion rings or necklaces, for example. Hence, the necessity to maintain its beauty and sparkle for as long as possible. In addition to paying attention to not lose it or damage it, there is also the need for an effective and regular maintenance. Here is how you should clean your bridal set ring at home.

- Make a solution with mild water and dishwashing soap. Soak the rings for about half an hour and then gently brush the stone(s) with an unused, soft toothbrush. Repeat the process two-three times and rinse the rings under mild running water. You can also use a shampoo or body wash instead of dishwashing soap to make the cleaning solution. Just make sure you do not use a moisturizing product, because it will leave a residue on the rings and that is definitely not what you are looking for. To dry them off, avoid the paper towels, as they can scratch the metal work. Using a soft, cotton cloth will be totally fine and enough for this purpose.

(Click here if you want to see a video of how jewelry is effectively cleaned at home).

Many of you would probably ask at this point of your reading: “How often should I clean my bridal set ring?” The answer is twice a month, if you want to keep it look constantly fresh and sparkling. Another big no-no is to clean your jewelry with ultrasonic cleaners. If you do, in addition to cleaning it, you will also get another feature for free – destroying it. So, if you do not feel like manually cleaning your bridal set ring at home, the second best alternative is to let your jeweler take care of it.


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