What You Need to Know About Eternity Rings

There’s more to a ring than meets the eye. Needless to say, rings are beautiful. They are special when given to your loved one. They are symbolic and speak of genuine affection, true love, undying devotion, eternal commitment, and many other things.

Among the many rings or bands in the market, one type of ring that stands out is the diamond eternity ring. A diamond eternity ring is viewed as a symbol of everlasting love. As its name itself suggests, this ring represents eternity. Its circular bands also symbolize infinity.

This is why most husbands choose an eternity ring for their wives. After all, the idea of infinity and love being linked together in a piece of jewelry is what makes this ring so special.

Eternity Ring and Its Special Facet

An eternity ring is also known as an infinity ring. An eternity ring is typically a woman’s ring and it consists of a band of precious metal set with a continuous line of painstakingly cut gems. The precious metal is usually gold, while the gemstones are usually diamonds.

As mentioned, the eternity ring symbolizes unending love. That’s why this ring is usually given by a spouse to his wife during a special occasion, such as a significant anniversary. Typically, it’s given after 50 years of marriage or more to live up to its eternity symbol, which means that the love between two people lasts forever.

The Original Symbol of Luxury

Pure luxury is one thing that an eternity ring is known for. Why? It consists of many diamonds, which are meticulously crafted to make the ring look absolutely beautiful, elegant, classy, and ethereal. Not to mention the piece of pure metal that creates the band itself. The materials used to make this ring are already expensive and a lot of craftsmanship was also involved in putting together this masterpiece. This is the reason why an eternity ring is said to be the original symbol of luxury.

Eternity Rings with Diamonds

It’s true that diamonds are forever. This is why they are commonly used in eternity rings. As stated, an eternity ring comes with diamonds, all of which are encrusted around its metal band. These make the eternity rings remarkable, and allow them to sparkle under the light, even when viewed from a distance. Typically, these diamonds come in different sizes and styles. The large diamonds are usually set in a row while the much smaller ones create a more understated look. That’s why an eternity ring can also be worn with other rings as they are noticeable from a distance. When they sparkle, they are undoubtedly a magnificent sight to behold!

Final Words: When to give your spouse an eternity ring

You might be wondering when these rings are bought, given, or used. As mentioned above, eternity rings are commonly bought as gifts for anniversaries. The idea of eternity is a perfect way to commemorate the years that have gone by when celebrating an anniversary with your loved one. Eternity rings can also be bought for the birth of a new baby. Since they also symbolize everlasting friendship, you may also give one to your best friend as a special surprise. Since they are luxury items, you may also invest in them to ensure infinite financial stability. That’s why some say there's more to an eternity ring than meets the eye.






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